Pinocchio’s Travels – Disneyland Attraction

Attraction Pinocchio's travels

Our family visit to Disneyland Paris was truly an unforgettable adventure. The discovery of the attraction named Les Voyages de Pinocchio was a lot of fun. Even though we were tired of the park’s many attractions, we didn’t regret going on Pinocchio’s Travels in Fantasyland.

the pinocchio attraction building

We began by boarding a wooden carriage to watch the Stromboli puppet show. It’s so funny to see young Pinocchio dancing and singing a duet with the puppets! This Disney show was impressive all the same. The story continues with Stromboli locking Pinocchio in a cage and Jiminy the cricket exclaiming “look out!” over and over again. Almost every Disney animated character was there, even the sneaky coachman.

We then crossed an island land filled with color, rides and candy. As we left the hall and the island, we came to the warehouse where the donkey-changed children are kept. Our tour draws to a close as we return to the village, but here again, exciting scenes are afoot. It’s at this point that the Blue Fairy appears, and we witness Pinocchio’s transformation into a real little boy. The objects in Gepetto’s workshop all came to life.

This attraction plunged me into childhood nostalgia, especially when I heard the famous song Quand On Prie la Bonne Étoile ringing out from the lookout. The Pinocchio’s Travels attraction brought great joy to young and old alike. I invite you to experience it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.