Disneyland Paris hotels – Rates and details of each Disneyland Paris hotel.

Staying in a Disneyland Paris hotel is the guarantee of a magical and marvellous stay in Disneyland Paris. Children, parents, grandparents, the whole family will be enchanted by this magical trip. In order to help you choose your hotel, I’m going to describe them all to you, including the partner hotels and the hotels close to Disney.

Disney Resort hotel prices

Here is the price table for Disneyland Paris hotels. This chart is based on the calendar of the Disney low/high season (for example, the Christmas season at Disney is one of the most frequented) and the rates for each hotel. The prices do not include tourist tax, transport or options. Important point: the price includes park tickets for the duration of your stay. (example: if you stay 2 nights, you get access to the park for 3 days). The prices shown are for a package for 4 people, 1 night’s accommodation and 4 park tickets.

Very low

Very high
Disneyland Hôtel
New York / Marvel
Newport bay Club
Sequoia Lodge
Santa Fe
Crockett Ranch
Disney Nature
*Average rates observed in Euro,

Prices shown are “excluding promotions”. Disneyland Paris regularly offers benefits for stays booked at a Disney Resort hotel. This allows them to plan, organise and book as many hotels in the Disneyland Paris park as possible. And it’s much better to stay at a Disney hotel than at a partner hotel.

Here is the price table for the partner hotels.

Disneyland Paris partner hotel prices

The prices indicated are for a room, but do not include any entrance tickets to the parks, nor any benefits reserved for Disney hotel residents.

Very Low
Radisson Blu Hotel
Dream Castle
Magic Circus
Elysée Val d'Europe
Algonquin's Explorers
*Average rates observed in Euro

All the different hotels in Disneyland Paris

When you want to stay at Disneyland Paris, you have several options. It is possible to spend the nights in the hotels belonging to Disney, which are therefore logically called Disney Hotels. But it is also possible to stay in Disneyland Paris partner hotels and buy Disneyland Paris tickets separately. These resorts are only a few minutes away from the parks. Although these hotels do not belong to Disney, they still have services that are linked to the parks. For example, there are free Disney shuttles, the possibility to book park shows and other arrangements.

These hotels are therefore only recommended if the Disnelyand Paris Resort hotels are fully booked. Indeed, these hotels’ prices are in the same range as the “official” ones. However, for the same price, they do not have all the amenities and, above all, are not in the Disneyland Paris atmosphere. This is a real inconvenience and certainly for this reason they are rarely full.

Map of Disneyland Paris hotels

In order for you to better understand and locate the Disneyland Paris hotels in relation to Disneyland Paris and the Walt Disney Studio, here is a map of the Disneyland Paris complex in Marne-la-Vallée. If you wish to download the maps of each hotel, you will find them on the download page dedicated to maps.

Disneyland Paris hotel map

Disney hotels in Disneyland Paris

The Disney hotels are the hotels that belong to the Disney group. These hotels are the closest to the entrance of the parks. They are Disney themed and are of course the top of the line for a stay at Mickey’s.

There are six hotels in the Disneyland Paris park. Each of these hotel has a different theme. For example, the New Port Bay Club Hotel is more marine themed, while the New York Hotel is …New York themed… (easy I know). When you stay in one of these Disneyland Paris hotels, you find yourself in a very different atmosphere from a regular hotel. You get to have a unique and exciting experience. You don’t just sleep in your room, you live the Disneyland Paris park. Many little details in the interior design, the staff’s service or even the restaurants appeal to us and make us travel in the world of Magic of Mickey and his friends. It is truly an extraordinary experience. Here are the 6 Disneyland Paris hotels for a successful stay.

Disneyland Paris Hotel – Fulfill your princely dreams in luxurious surroundings

Entrance of the Disneyland Paris hotel

Completely renovated in 2024, this hotel is the ultimate place to stay for a trip to Disneyland Paris. This hotel is located in the Disneyland Paris park. When you enter the enormous lobby of this hotel, you feel as if you have traveled to another world. Here everything is luxury, quality and refinement. The rooms are wonderful. When you fall asleep looking at the lights of the Disney castle, you will think you have one of the most beautiful views of your stay. However, opening the curtains and seeing the castle in the sunlight is simply breathtaking!

The rates, which can be consulted below, are the highest of all the Disneyland Paris hotels. It’s a luxury, but not always. Indeed, the prices of the Disneyland Hotel during the “off-peak” periods are often the same as the prices of the Sequoia or Newport during the holidays. It is possible to visit the hotel by reservation only. Indeed, since its renovation, it has been fully themed around princesses and provides an absolutely incredible royal ambiance.

Disney’s New York – The Art of Marvel – Team up with your superheroes

Hotel art of marvel disneyland paris

The Disneyland Paris New York Hotel has been completely renovated and reopened very recently. Entirely themed with the Marvel universe, it has now taken on the name Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. It is the only Marvel-themed hotel in the world. In addition to the incredible scenery, there are many paintings and other comic book items. It is also possible to participate in workshops with your favorite heroes and to see Spiderman climbing a building while having a coffee!

This 4 star hotel is actually a gem and deserves to be visited at least once during your stay. Its art gallery and Iron Man armors will captivate you. During the Disneyland Paris Hotel’s closure, it is the recommended hotel for a luxury stay and a change of scenery guaranteed.

Disney’s Newport Bay Club – Wake up in a beachfront decor

hotel newport bay

With a 15 minute walk from the park entrance, this hotel is my favorite. Decorated with a 1900’s luxury resort feel, this 4 star hotel promises a very pleasant stay. The hotel is on Lake Disney and has recently been completely renovated. The seaside decor brightens up the day. Indeed, the colours and the white of this hotel give me more peach than the “dark” of the other hotels. But I must admit that, as a family, I prefer the Sequoia.  

After the Disneyland Paris Hotel, it is the most upmarket hotel of the Disneyland Paris Resort. The rates charged are logically in the high range of the park. Prices are often 30% lower than those of the Disneyland Paris Hotel. Depending on the dates, it is even possible to find it at exactly the same price as the Sequoia Lodge

Disney’ Sequoia Lodge – Relax in this cosy and comfortable lodge

sequoia lodge

Also a 15 minute walk from the park, and also on the banks of Lake Disney, the Sequoia Lodge is a perfect choice for families. The warm atmosphere of the American woods makes this hotel relaxing and comfortable. The Sequoia is generally the same rate as the Newport Hotel, or cheaper. Although it has one star less than the Newport, I find it of the same standard. The huge bar-lounge area is ideal for toddlers to scream and run around freely while parents relax! The Sequoia’s pool, both indoor and outdoor, is great with slides and various recreational areas.

Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne – Stay in the Wild West

hotel cheyenne

With a 20 minute walk from the park, This hotel is a little further away from the park entrances. Though it’s a bit further from the Disneyland Paris park entrance, it is the best value for money in Disneyland Paris Park. The hotel is decorated in a Wild West theme. If you are a western fan and the first thing you do in the morning is put on your cowboy’s boots, this hotel is made for you ;). A true tribute to the great American West, you will be totally disoriented with these decorations worthy of the best films.

Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe – Enjoy the good life in New Mexico

 santa fe hotel

Also a 20 minute walk from the entrances to Disneyland Paris. This hotel has a Mexican theme. It is very colorful and has been refurbished a bit with the release of the Cars cartoon. This hotel puts us in a beautiful Disneyland atmosphere for a reasonable price.

Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch – Enjoy a cocooning stay in the middle of nature

Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch

Disney’s David Crockett Ranch is a guaranteed natural escape. Just a 15-minute drive from Disney Park, its comfortable bungalows offer the perfect nature break to recharge your batteries. Enjoy the various activities and the warm atmosphere of the resort. This hotel is perfect for groups and/or large families due to its configuration and services.

Village Nature Paris – Discover a new way to spend your holidays close to Disneyland Paris

Outside view of village nature paris

Village Nature Paris is a Center Parc in its own right. It offers all the advantages and qualities that have made the reputation of Center Parcs, but it also offers privileged access to the Disney parks. A shuttle bus (for a fee) is also available between the Nature Village and the Disneyland Paris Park.

Seasonal calendar and price range to estimate the price of stays

Here is the price range of each Disneyland Paris hotel in 2024. You can see the price range for a specific hotel* for each day. This calendar also includes the opening and closing days of each hotel. The price is for a stay in a hotel + park entry for two adults. The actual price applied is determined according to the availability at Disneyland Paris at the time of booking. Therefore, compared to the estimated price indicated in the calendar below, your price may vary up or down depending on the time of booking. This tool is for reference only. Only the price indicated on the booking platform will be valid.

Hotel Disneyland

Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

Marvel 2023 hotel rate

Disney’s Newport Bay Club

Newport Bay Club 2023 hotel rate

Disney’s Sequoia Lodge

Sequoia Lodge 2023 hotel rate

Cheyenne’s Disney Hotel

Cheyenne 2023 hotel rate

Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe

hotel santa fe Disney's prices 2023

Disney partner hotels

In the list of partner hotels, I also include 2 Disney hotels that are not directly in the park. These two are Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch and the Village Nature Paris. These are not directly in the Disneyland Paris park complex. You must therefore take the car or the free Disney shuttle (no shuttle with Davy Crockett).

Here is the list of Disney partner hotels

  • Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch: 15 minutes by car (no free shuttle)
  • Village Nature Paris: 25 minutes by shuttle
  • Radisson Blu Hotel: 10 minutes by free shuttle
  • Vienna House Dream Castle Hotel: 10 minutes by free shuttle
  • Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel: 10 minutes by free shuttle
  • Adagio Marne-la-Vallée Val d’Europe: 10 minutes by free shuttle
  • Algonquin’s Explorers Hotel: 10 minutes by free shuttle
  • Campanile Val de France: 10 minutes by free shuttle
  • Hotel l’Elysée Val D’Europe: 10 minutes by free shuttle
  • B&B Hotel: 10 minutes by free shuttle

Stays in partner hotels can also be booked directly through the official Disneyland Paris website. This allows you to benefit from discounts on hotel nights and Disneyland Paris park entry tickets. Indeed, with this method, the Disneyland Paris entrance tickets are included in the rate.

The partner hotels do not have the same advantages as Disneyland Paris. It is important to check the price when booking a stay by comparing it with the advantages offered by Disneyland Paris Hotels.

Which Disneyland Paris hotel to choose?

Choosing between all these hotels may seem difficult. But I’ve put together a guide to help you easily choose the best Disneyland Paris hotel according to your budget, the number of people accompanying you and the children. I recommend you read it, it will certainly help you make a decision.

Hotels near Disneyland Paris

Of course, many hotels are located on the outskirts of the Disneyland Paris parks. These hotels near Disneyland Paris can be interesting if you are staying in Paris or if the Disney hotels are full.

These hotels near Disneyland Paris are cheap when you only look at the price per night. But without the discounts on park tickets or free Disneyland parking, the budget goes up faster than you think.

If the Disney atmosphere is not your priority and you can afford to find a way to get to Disneyland Paris, then this could be an option to consider. I must admit that I have not tested any hotels close to Disneyland Paris. For me, the atmosphere of the hotel contributes entirely to my stay at Disneyland Paris. It prevents me from “coming back to reality” after having passed the park gates. And as I have two small children, the Disney services make the weekend easier for us. We can concentrate on the children and the pleasure of our stay.

Cheap hotels

Disneyland Paris Resort regularly offers discounts on stays: free accommodation for children, free cancellations and much more. Because of these included concessions, choosing a Disneyland Paris park and hotel stay is often the cheapest way to spend a weekend at Disneyland Paris.

There are also Disneyland Paris private sales. Often the discounts are around 50%. Yes, half price on the Disneyland Paris stay, it’s more than interesting! But Disneyland Paris private sales are difficult to get. Indeed, the dates are not known in advance and when the private sale starts, the Disneyland Paris offers are stormed and sold out in just a few minutes.

In order to help you find the cheapest deals for a hotel in Disneyland Paris, you can click on the button. I update this button constantly so that it automatically refers you to the best offers of the moment.

Disneyland Paris meal deals

When you book your hotel, you can also choose a meal plan. There are 3 different options: Standard, Plus and Premium. The differences are mainly in the number of restaurants available. Find out more about the Disneyland Paris all-inclusive package.


🧳 Which hotel to go to at Disney?

There are several Disneyland Paris hotels. Six are in the resort and allow you to walk to the park, two are further away and require a car or shuttle journey.

🛌🏼 What are the hotels in Disneyland Paris Park?

The six hotels at the Disney Resort are : – The Disneyland Paris Hotel – The New York – The Art of Marvel – The Newport Bay Club – The Sequoia Lodge – The Cheyenne – The Santa Fe  

💲How much do Disneyland Paris hotels cost?

The price of each hotel varies according to several criteria. The three main ones are, the period of stay, the type of room booked and the hotel. For a specific rate, the detailed prices are shown in the table above. These rates do not include fees, such as tourist taxes.  

💡Which Disneyland Paris hotel to choose for your stay?

The choice of hotel depends on your budget, but also on your wishes. Check out our guide for choosing your Disneyland Paris hotel. Indeed, each Disneyland Paris hotel is themed and will meet different expectations: toddler, luxury, romantic…

👌 Which is the best Disneyland Paris hotel?

The most “selective” hotel in the park is the Disneyland Paris Hotel. It is the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the Resort. But it is also the hotel where you will have characters every morning at breakfast for example.

⚡️Is parking at the hotels free or with a charge?

If you stay at a Disneyland Paris hotel, you will benefit from free parking for the duration of your stay. Each hotel has its own car park. Your vehicle will therefore be in a private and secure car park that is different from the main Disneyland Paris car park.  

🍽 What are the restaurant prices at Disneyland Paris Hotels?

Each hotel has several restaurants. And each restaurant has a different menu. The prices of the dishes and menus are therefore different.  

🚍 How do I get to the park from a Disney Hotel?

All Disneyland Paris resort hotels and partner hotels have free shuttles to the park.  

🏳️‍🌈 What languages are spoken in the hotels?

Six languages are commonly spoken by employees at Disney Resort Paris hotels: – French – English – Spanish – German – Italian – Dutch Cast members are also available who can speak Russian and Japanese.

🕗 What are the check-in and check-out times?

You can check in (validate your arrival) at any time on the day of your arrival (also the night before to collect your access to the park). Your room will only be accessible from 3pm. The departure must be done before 11 am.

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