Baby Switch at Disneyland Paris – Enjoy the attractions with your baby!

For Disneyland Paris, whether it’s Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park, it’s an opportunity to travel as a family. Indeed, whether it’s for you or your children, Disney characters and attractions are a great way to immerse yourselves in a magical universe. Each family member can find a way to experience or relive their childhood in an absolutely wonderful setting.

However, when you travel as a family, it’s possible that a member of your family is a baby or a young child. And as you know, babies cannot participate in all attractions. And children who are too young cannot participate in thrill rides.

However, the baby or child cannot stay alone while you enjoy your attraction. To meet this need, Disneyland has implemented a ticket called “Baby Switch.”

What is the Disney baby switch?

When you arrive at a thrilling attraction, you know that your baby or young child cannot enter the attraction with you. If you are in a group, someone needs to stay with the baby, but unfortunately, they cannot enter the attraction either. To avoid disadvantaging a member of your group, you can request a baby switch from a cast member.

This ticket is valid for two people only. To obtain it, you need to wait in line like everyone else, and at the boarding moment, you request your baby switch ticket from the cast member. You experience the attraction and then give the Disney baby switch ticket to the person(s) who were waiting with the child(ren). With the baby switch ticket, they can go directly to the exit or the FastPass entrance of the attraction, depending on the attractions.

This Disney baby switch does not guarantee an immediate passage as there may be other baby switches ahead of you or FastPass holders. However, the waiting time is much shorter, if not almost nonexistent, compared to a regular queue.

Disneyland baby switch ticket

What is the age limit for the baby switch?

Although it is called “Baby Switch,” this ticket is not only for babies per se. This term is somewhat misleading. In fact, while most attractions are not suitable for babies, the baby switch is not applicable to all attractions in the park. However, not all attractions are restricted to children either. It depends on their age or height according to the criteria of the specific attraction. Disney’s baby switch extends to high-thrill attractions where your children do not meet the age or height requirements to enjoy them.

Once your child has reached the age or height limit, you can no longer benefit from the baby switch. Even if your child does not participate in the attraction, as it is not a requirement from the park. Beyond this size or age limit, you must wait for the other members of your group to finish the attraction and queue again in the regular line once they have taken charge of the child.

Of course, when the first parent goes on the attraction, the cast member does not ask for the family booklet to verify whether your child is eligible to ride or not. It is therefore quite easy to request a baby switch ticket, and the cast members readily provide it without any issue.

What attractions are included in the baby switch?

Since not all attractions are covered by the Disney Baby Switch, you will find below the list of attractions that offer this service.

Regarding Disneyland Park, here are the attractions that offer the Baby Switch:

  • Big Thunder Mountain,,
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
  • Space Mountain

As for Walt Disney Studios, here is the list of attractions:

  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror,
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

For other attractions, you need to come to an agreement among yourselves and be willing to queue up again if you have a child who cannot/will not participate in the attraction.

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