Disney Pass: All the info on the 3 annual Disneyland passports

Disneyland annual pass rates

Disneyland Pass Bronze
Disneyland Pass Silver
Disneyland Pass Gold
Payment in installments
91€ then 18€/month
169€ then 30€/month
204€ then 45€/month

What is a Disney Annual Pass?

When you go to Disneyland Paris, or any other theme park, of course you have to buy admission. Admission to Disneyland starts at €56. If, for example, you live in Paris and, like me, you love walking in the parks, you’ll have to buy a new park entrance ticket every time. So if you go 4 times a year, you’ll have paid at least 224€.

With the Disneyland Annual Pass, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee every time you visit the park! With Disney Annual Passes, you can enter the parks for free! Simply present your membership card. Annual Passes are therefore very advantageous if you visit Disneyland Paris several times a year. But that’s not all. With your membership card, you’ll also enjoy a host of other benefits, including discounts at Disney stores, restaurants, nights at a Disney Paris hotel, and many other surprises.

Disney annual pass comparison

As shown in the price list, there are three different passports. Each of these three subscriptions offers different benefits. While the Disney pass price chart below explains most of the pricing, there are other differences. The most important is the number of days, but also free services (such as photopass or parking) or discounts in stores and restaurants.

And here’s the full comparison of what’s included in each Disneyland passport

Pass Bronze
Pass Silver
Pass Gold
Days of Access
170 days / year
300 days / year
365 days / year
Disney Parking
Discounts in Shops
Annual Photopass+
Restaurant Discounts
Extra Magic Time
Exclusive Character Meet and Greet
Annual Pass Events

Disneyland access days

The Disney passport will not give you the same benefits depending on the Disneyland Pass you choose. As you can see, the price is changing too! There are many differences between the three Disney passes. The major difference is the number of days you can access the Disneyland parks. Depending on the pass you choose, you’ll have access between 170 and 365 days a year.

There are also validity dates. Just like the price of admission tickets, the days of access for annual passes depend on a calendar. For example, the Disneyland Pass Bronze allows access only outside peak periods. Conversely, the Disneyland Pass Gold allows you to enter the park any day of the year.

Photopass + Annual

Photopass is another major difference. With the Gold Pass, the photopass fee is included in the price of the pass. This option alone costs €75 in stores.

Disney Annual Pass events and exclusive character encounters

With Disneyland Pass Silver and Gold, and only with these two passes, you can enjoy some very special moments in the life of Disneyland Paris. Thanks to these two passports, you’ll be the lucky ones to attend previews, exclusive annual pass evenings and other events totally dedicated to Silver and Gold Pass holders.

With these two passes, you’ll also be able to enter the parks during the exclusive Disney Character Encounters. This means you can enjoy the Characters on special occasions.

Annual passport discounts and bonuses

There are many other advantages. There are discounts on the photo pass, from 10 to 15% off Disney stores, restaurants, shows, etc. There are so many advantages and discounts on passes that it’s difficult to give you all the details. If you like, you can take a look at the (very) detailed table on the official Disneyland website.

Buy your Disney annual pass

If you’re convinced by the annual pass system, then you need to be able to get your hands on it and take advantage of its many benefits.

There are four ways to buy your Disneyland pass:

  • on the Disneyland Paris website, the safest, most convenient place to get your annual pass is sold directly by the park. To have your pass in your hands, you must: either print a temporary ticket which will be replaced by a pass at the passport office on the day of your visit, or you can ask receive it by mail within 7 to 15 days.
  • At the entrance to the park, you can buy a temporary annual pass which you must exchange for a permanent Disney passport at the passport office. Tip: go on low-traffic days
  • by post, if you have a little time to spare. You’ll find forms (one for full payment and one for payment in monthly instalments) that need to be filled in and accompanied by the completed payment area, a photocopy of both sides of the person paying and the persons concerned by the Disney annual pass, two passport photos of all persons (payers and pass holders), a parental authorisation and the photocopy of the legal guardian for children who do not bear the same name as their legal guardian. It’s better to send everything by registered mail to be sure of receiving it.
  • at the passport office, on the day of your visit, to replace your Disney ticket with an annual pass (provided you’ve purchased a Disney ticket beforehand).

You’ve probably noted that I mentioned two payment methods: cash or monthly.

Payment method dit cash is suitable if you wish to pay for your annual pass in a single payment. times. You can pay by credit card, cash or gift/vacation vouchers.

As for the monthly payment, it is more suitable if you wish to pay your pass in several times. There’s no extra charge for paying for your pass in 12 times (one payment on order and the other 11 by direct debit). You need fill in a SEPA direct debit agreement.

Please note, however, that cheques are not accepted and no annual pass is refundable!

Renewing your Disneyland passport

The annual pass is aptly named at Disney, as it only lasts for one year. So there comes a time when you have to renew it if you want to enjoy it for another year.

There are four ways to renew your annual pass:

  • on the Disneyland Paris website,
  • on site at the passport office,
  • on site at the Donald Desk.

Sales outlet at Disneyland paris

If you feel like it, or you have no choice but to go to a point of sale to get your annual pass, so you should know that there are a number of for sale within the Disney park.

The famous pass office I’ve already told you about is located in the Disney park, just to the left of the Discoveryland entrance. It’s opposite the famous Sleeping Beauty castle theater. You can go there any day of the week, as long as you go between 10am and 6pm. If you need advice, want to renew your pass or buy one, the pass office will be happy to help you.

If you prefer There are ticket offices at the Walt Disney Studios, where you can find open from 10am to 4pm. And the Donald Desk is open on weekends and holidays. during school vacations from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

You can also contact the Annual Pass Office by telephone during opening hours (10am-6pm).

Privilege and Friends tickets

Privilege and Friends tickets are valid for a single day, but for both Disney parks.

All annual passes allow your friends to spend time at Disneyland Paris at an attractive price. Limited periods will be available for the purchase of Friends tickets. These tickets are still somewhat limited, however, as they don’t give access to the Magic Moments, or to the entrances reserved for certain passes.

Below you’ll find full details of every passport available at Disneyland Paris. Feel free to use the navigation menu to move more quickly between each Disney pass explanation.

Disneyland Pass Bronze

Disneyland Pass bronze

The Bronze annual pass is the least expensive of the three Disneyland Paris passes. If you buy this annual pass, you’ll be able to access the Paris park several times a year, without paying your entrance fee. Here’s all the information you need on this low-priced Disney annual pass.

How much does the Bronze annual pass cost?

The Bronze Passport costs €289 in cash. It is also possible to pay by monthly instalments. To do this, you need to make an initial payment of €89 (on the day of purchase), followed by 11 monthly payments of €18.

What does the Bronze membership card offer?

The Bronze Pass is the least expensive Disney membership. Essentially, it allows you to visit Disneyland Paris several times a year. With this pass, you’ll have access to the site’s 2 parks (Walt Disney Studio and Disneyland) for up to 170 days a year.

How many days will it take to pay for the Bronze Pass?

If you go to Disneyland twice a year, your Discovery Pass will pay for itself. The pass costs just €289, so it pays for itself very quickly. The price of two tickets (1 day, 2parks) at €107 each quickly shows the economic advantage of this annual pass.

What are the possible days of access with a Bronze Passport?

The 170 authorized days are indicated in the access calendar below. The days on which the annual pass is restricted are therefore shown in brown.

Disneyland Pass Bronze calendar 2023 - 2024
2023/2024 calendar of access days with bronze pass

Disneyland Pass Silver

Disneyland Pass Silver

The Silver annual pass is the pass that pays for itself the quickest and therefore the most profitable of all Disney passes. With this Disneyland season ticket, you’ll not only enjoy free entry to both parks, but also a host of other benefits such as free parking. Here are all the details of this annual Disney pass.

How much does the Silver annual pass cost?

The Silver passport costs €499 in cash. It is also possible to pay by monthly instalments. This requires an initial payment of €169 (on the day of purchase), followed by 11 monthly payments of €30.

What does the Silver membership card offer?

The Silver Pass is the most profitable Disney membership. Essentially, it allows you to visit Disneyland Paris several times a year. With this pass, you’ll have access to the 2 parks on the site (Walt Disney Studio and Disneyland) for up to 300 days a year. You also benefit from free parking and a number of other significant promotions

How many days will it take to recoup the cost of the Silver Pass?

Like the Disneyland Bronze pass, the Silver pass pays for itself very quickly. If you go to Disneyland Paris twice a year by car, this pass has already paid for itself. If you don’t need the parking lot, if you don’t buy in the stores, then this is the third visit to Disneyy that will save you money on admission.

On which days can I use my Magic Flex passport?

The 300 authorized days are indicated in the access calendar below. The restricted days of the annual pass are therefore in silver.

Disneyland Pass Silver 2023 - 2024 calendar
2023/2024 calendar for Silver Pass access days

Disneyland Pass Gold

Disneyland Pass Gold

The Gold annual pass is Disney’s most VIP annual pass. With this season ticket, you’ll be a privileged guest of Mickey and his friends. With no restrictions, you’ll have unlimited access to Disneyland Paris on any given day. You’ll enjoy a host of advantages, 5-star services and many other little extras. This annual pass is the pass for Disneyland fans.

How much does the Gold annual pass cost?

The Gold passport costs €699 in cash. It is also possible to pay by monthly instalments. This requires an initial payment of 204€ (on the day of purchase), followed by 11 monthly payments of 45€. The price of the pass is therefore less than the cost of a coffee a day on the terrace!

What does the Gold membership card do?

With this annual Disneyland Paris VIP pass, there are no restrictions on when you can visit. So you can access both Disney parks whenever you like. Parking and photopass+ are also included in the price of the annual pass, along with many other benefits. In particular, your friends will be able to buy discounted tickets.

What are the advantages of Pass Infinity?

  • 365 days’ access to 2 Disney parks
  • Free parking
  • 15% discount on all Disneyland Paris stores
  • Discounts on Disney hotels
  • 15% discount on 1-day tickets (available at park ticket offices)
  • Free Annual Photopass
  • 15% discount at Disneyland Paris restaurants
  • Access to Magic Moments Plus
  • Events and special evenings reserved for members with annual pass

How many days will it take to recoup the cost of the Gold Pass?

The number of days required to recoup the cost of a Disney Gold Pass varies widely. You can count on 4 days at full price to make it profitable. But the advantages of free parking, strollers and photopasses make the calculation difficult.

This pass lets you enjoy the whole of Disneyland Paris without the hassle. You can enjoy the comforts of the restaurants, the souvenirs in the stores… This annual pass is perfect for parents! And it’s free for children under 3. If you live not too far from Paris and can come to Disney 2 or 3 times a year, this is the pass for you! Going to Disney over Christmas with these kids, no questions asked, is fantastic!

What are the possible days of access with a Gold passport?

Well, every day! Come and go as much as you like. Disneyland Paris will be your new second home!

What is the Disney annual pass?

The annual passport is a ticket allowing access to Disneyland Paris several times a year for a single price.

Which Disney annual pass should I choose?

The choice of annual pass should be made according to the number of visits you will make in the year and the periods of your visits. See our comparison chart for more information.

How much does the Disneyland Paris annual pass cost?

The price of the various annual passes varies according to your budget. Prices range from €289 to €699. Annual passes can be paid for on a monthly basis.

How do I buy an annual pass?

The easiest way is to book your annual pass online. They can also be booked directly in the park, at the Annual Pass Office. Please note that sales of annual passes are currently closed.

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