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reception of the Cheyenne hotel

Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne is a moderately priced hotel that is part of the Disneyland Paris Resort. In other words, this affordable Disney hotel is located in the park area, allowing easy access to Disney Village and the Disneyland Paris parks by foot or complimentary shuttle buses. It is primarily designed for families and those who love the Wild West, offering a truly immersive experience.

Presentation and Reviews

The hotel is classified as a 2-star (two keys in Disneyland’s rating system). Along with the Santa Fe hotel, they are the best value-for-money hotels in Disneyland Paris Resort. Personally, I find it to be well above the usual two-star standards. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful (as is the case throughout Disney), the rooms are clean, the bedding is good, and the decor is fantastic. Speaking of decor, the theme of this Disney Hotel is the “Far West,” so you’ll find wooden construction, cowhide on the beds, an American flag on the huge fireplace… everything is there. You can even walk through the hotel on a typical Old West town street. It’s truly fantastic.

Why only two stars? In my opinion, the hotel’s shortcomings are:

  • Its distance from the park. It’s so great to be at the Disneyland Hotel and be able to quickly return to your room to drop off or pick up things before heading back to the park.
  • The restaurant. The quality is there, but it feels more like a cafeteria than a dining room.

These two points are not the most important factors when choosing a hotel at Disneyland, and that’s precisely why the Cheyenne hotel remains so attractive. In fact, the price of holidays at the Cheyenne is almost always cheaper than booking a hotel outside the park. Along with the Santa Fe, these two hotels are preferred choices for those on a tight budget or for those who don’t want to spend all their money on the hotel price!

Location of the Cheyenne hotel.

The hotel is located within the EuroDisney complex. As a result, it is possible to reach the parks on foot by following the “river,” then passing in front of the Marvel Hotel and crossing the Disney Village. This 20-25 minute walk is quite pleasant in the morning with the sun, but it can be easily skipped in the evening after a busy day!

Journey between the Disney parks and Hotel Cheyenne.
In red, the path to walk to reach the parks.

Fortunately, it is possible to take a free shuttle bus that allows us to make the journey in less than 5 minutes! The shuttle bus arrives at the hotel’s doorstep and drops us off between the park entrance and the entrance to Disney Village. Extremely convenient, especially when it’s raining and when the children don’t want to walk 4 km! As you can imagine, we more often take the shuttle buses (which run very frequently) than take the pedestrian path.

Restaurants at Cheyenne Disney

In the Cheyenne hotel, there is a restaurant called the Chuck Wagon Café, as well as a saloon called the Red Garter Saloon and a Starbucks Coffee.

Chuck Wagon Café

Easily recognizable by its rectangular façade, resembling a wagon, this restaurant at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, located between the Red Garter Saloon and the General Store fine grocery, is very easy to spot at Disneyland, Marne-la-Vallée. It invites you from the outside, with tables, benches, and umbrellas set up. It’s hard to resist taking a seat. Inside, the decor resembles a barn, but everything you smell and see is appetizing. Here, you can enjoy a quick Disney meal, with barbecue and grilled dishes galore. However, vegetarians are also welcome. While it’s a self-service buffet, you can order special culinary preparations if you have specific dietary requirements for health reasons. Additionally, you can make reservations for your meal.

Everyone mingles here, both hotel guests and day visitors. That’s the only aspect that could be improved. The decor is extraordinary, and I love the bar stools shaped like horse saddles. However, the space is very open, so you end up feeling like you’re in a crowd, and the dining experience lacks intimacy. I admit I’m being a bit too demanding and don’t have much else to criticize about this restaurant.

cheychuck wagon coffe hotel cheyenne

Red Garter Saloon

If you wish to extend your day at one of the bars in your hotel and if you are an aspiring cowboy or simply drawn to this universe, then I recommend stepping through the doors of the Red Garter Saloon. This saloon is nothing less than a bar located within the premises of Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, which you can enjoy during your holidays at the hotel. The bar takes its name from the red garters, known as “red garter,” that were worn by the waitresses in the bars of the Far West.

If having a drink and dancing in the Red Garter Saloon appeals to you, you will be immersed in the atmosphere of the bars you could have visited in the 1850s. The entire decoration is designed to fully immerse you in a typical saloon and make you feel like a cowboy or cowgirl from the Far West.

It is a truly unique place, unlike any other within the Disneyland Paris park. This bar offers you the opportunity to dance to the rhythm of country music and, in doing so, you can extend the atmosphere that prevails in your room. You can also enjoy a cocktail and snack on some appetizers with your family or friends.

Rooms at Disney Cheyenne Paris

You should be aware that the attractive prices of Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne result in offering only standard rooms and not superior rooms or suites like the other hotels in the park. However, when it comes to the rooms at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, you still find all the comfort you need to have pleasant holidays. These rooms are decorated around the theme of the Wild West, specifically in the world of the Toy Story film and Sheriff Woody.

standard room at the Cheyenne Disneyland hotel

Standard rooms

As for the rooms, even though they are all standard, you have the option to choose from five different room layouts.

The first room, Woody’s Roundup, is a classic room that can accommodate up to four people. For sleeping arrangements, you have a double bed and a trundle bed at your disposal. The trundle bed is a single bed that is stored underneath and can be pulled out from a drawer, providing an additional single bed when opened.

The second room, Woody’s Roundup, located near the hotel’s amenities, is presented in the same format as the first room: it accommodates up to four people with a double bed and a trundle bed. The main difference between these two rooms is that one of them is situated very close to the various services offered by the hotel, such as the reception and restaurant.

The third room, also a Woody’s Roundup located near the hotel’s amenities, is also situated close to the hotel’s services. It can accommodate four people as well, but this time with two double beds arranged in the room.

The fourth room, the Woody’s – riverside, is exactly the same as the previous room (accommodating four people with two double beds). The only difference is that by booking this room, you are located on the riverside, a quieter area for those seeking serenity.

The fifth and final room is the Woody’s Roundup – riverside, in the same layout as the first room, except that you also benefit from the tranquility this room offers. It can accommodate four people, with a double bed and a trundle bed. This is ideal for travelers who want three separate beds.

For all these rooms, you have access to the same amenities, including:

  • Complimentary baby cot (subject to availability and limited to one per room, upon guest request)
  • Electric kettle (upon request)
  • Fan
  • Telephone
  • Air conditioning
  • Safe
  • Radio
  • Hairdryer (upon request and subject to availability)
  • Disney and international TV channels

Please note that breakfast is not included in the room price, unless you have chosen a Disneyland meal package.

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