Adventureland – The land of explorers and exoticism!

During my day at Disneyland, I always spend time in the Adventureland area of Disneyland Paris. It’s a site accessible from Main Street U.S.A. I can tell you that the experience is well worth it, especially for travel and exoticism enthusiasts like me. I know you want to know everything about this side of the park before you go, so I’m delighted to reveal the secrets of Adventureland to you.

indiana jones adventureland

The uniqueness of Adventureland’s decor.

Whenever I start an adventure in a theme park, I have only one desire: to explore the decor. I can tell you that the world of Adventureland immediately appealed to me. In this case, Walt Disney knew how to immerse visitors in the distant lands of Africa, the Pacific Ocean, and Asia. If you’re a lover of discovery, you’ll be delighted to explore this little piece of paradise. The only slight inconvenience during my visit was the large crowds on the premises. I visited Disneyland Paris during the school holidays, so the area was crowded and a bit too noisy for my taste. Nevertheless, this area of Disneyland is worth a visit if you plan to spend a day in the park.

The attractions and activities available in Adventureland.

I must admit that Adventureland is quite narrow. And yet, despite its small size, the activities offered in this place allow you to experience a full range of sensations. Both young and old can fully enjoy the 4 main attractions available on the premises. Being adventurous as I am, I couldn’t miss a single one of these entertainments.

Pirates of the Caribbean

I started my day with “Pirates of the Caribbean.” This attraction involves a boat ride underground. During this little journey, passengers are taken through different scenes while observing pirate-themed audio-animatronics. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I particularly love this attraction. The atmosphere is excellent.

Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Peril

After the boat ride, I was particularly thrilled in the wagons of Indiana Jones. An attraction that allows you to delve into the Lost Temple of this great adventurer from the past. During this adventure, I was amazed by the state-of-the-art technology used.

La Cabane des Robinson

I then strolled through a treehouse inspired by the story of Robinson Crusoe. Although this attraction is quite classic, I still had some unforgettable moments.

map adventureland paris
Map of the Adventureland area of Disneyland Paris.

Restaurants in Adventureland.

There’s nothing better than quenching your thirst and having a leisurely lunch once you’ve been exhausted by the attractions in Adventureland. The site has only four counter-service restaurants to accommodate visitors. The value for money is decent, and the service is pleasant. The on-site restaurants are:

Captain Jack’s – Pirates of the Caribbean Restaurant.

Captain jack restaurant eurodisney

This restaurant is unique and one of my favorites. Indeed, this restaurant is located in the heart of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. So, you dine in an absolutely fantastic setting, illuminated by torches. It’s an experience that I adore.

Agrabah Café Restaurant.

A guaranteed “One Thousand and One Nights” atmosphere in this restaurant! You dine in the streets of Agrabah. It’s completely immersive and well thought out.

Hakuna Matata and Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost

Inspired respectively by The Lion King and The Jungle Book, these two cafeteria-style restaurants are very nice for a quick meal. While the menu at Hakuna Matata restaurant is more international, Haiti’s Pizza will be much more focused on Italian food (yes, yes, pizza).

Want to have an unforgettable adventure? I recommend this attraction! It allowed me to let loose and make the most of my summer vacation. So, why not you?

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