Discoveryland – An Extraordinary Future at Disney

It’s nearly impossible to miss Discoveryland during your day at the Disney park. It’s part of the enchanted realms of the park with a futuristic theme. If you want to travel through time and space, this is the place to be! Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, Autopia, Les Mystères du Nautilus, Orbitron… The list of attractions is far from exhaustive. Whatever your choice, you won’t easily get bored. Allow me to take you on a tour of Discoveryland in this article!

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There was the future in the past, and there is the future in the present.

In 1992, especially during the park’s opening, Discoveryland underwent a revision of the Tomorrowland concept. At the time, Imagineers wanted to pay tribute to figures like Jules Verne, Leonardo da Vinci, and H.G. Wells, as well as their imagination. However, the popularity of some attractions faded over the years, and Discoveryland was revised multiple times to truly immerse visitors in the world of the future.

For example, the Visionarium, the famous 360° cinema where you could “meet” Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, was replaced by Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast in 2006. This attraction is based on the science-fiction hero from Toy Story. Similarly, the Constellations shop was replaced by the Café des Visionnaires. Another significant change was Space Mountain (with the “Vernian” theme), which gave way to Space Mountain: Mission 2 in 2005, allowing visitors to explore the universe in all its facets and limits.

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The attractions in Discoveryland

As mentioned earlier, I won’t dwell too long on the attractions you can discover in Discoveryland. So, I’ll just list them:

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: This attraction is undoubtedly a favorite spot for Star Wars fans.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue: This is a flight simulator that allows you to embark on a time-traveling journey. All Jedi enthusiasts are sure to love this attraction!

Autopia: Do you want to hop on board a car to discover the ambiance and décor of futuristic highways? This is the right place!

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast: Inspired by the world of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story, this attraction in Discoveryland is a scenic ride that allows you to help Buzz defeat Zurg. Your children will love the game and the scenery!

The Mysteries of the Nautilus: This is an attraction that plunges you into “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” imagined by Jules Verne. You will be aboard Professor Nemo’s submarine.

Orbitron: Are you a thrill-seeker? You’ll be able to ride in Orbitron’s small flying shuttles, a carousel that spins in a setting reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci.

Videopolis Theatre and Discoveryland Theatre: to enjoy numerous shows.

Starport: Meeting with Darth Vader – to delight Star Wars fans.

Discoveryland map
Discoveryland Zone Plan for Disneyland Paris

The Restaurants of the Land

It’s worth noting that there is only one restaurant in the futuristic land of Disneyland Paris. It is Café Hyperion, which offers fast food. For your information, there used to be Pizza Planet where you could get salads and pizzas, but it closed its doors a few years ago.

Moreover, Café Hyperion is the largest of all the restaurants at Disneyland Paris. I also remember that it was already the largest fast food in Europe. It is located near Space Mountain and Orbitron. You won’t miss it thanks to its dirigible located on its roof overlooking this futuristic land.

This restaurant at Disneyland Paris immerses you in a Star Wars atmosphere. This includes not only the decoration but also the entertainment and the meal. By the way, I invite you to take a look at my review of this restaurant at Disney. Personally, I really enjoyed the Jedi Burger thanks to its unique sauce. Café Hyperion is a must-stop for a delicious break during your stay at Disneyland Paris.

Without a doubt, you will have a great time! Plus, you can enjoy animations like the Jedi Training Academy show or Disney and Pixar short films screened on the big screen. Moreover, it’s this theatrical aspect that adds to the appeal of this restaurant in Discoveryland. So, are you ready to travel to the future? Visit Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris!

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