Village Nature Disneyland Paris – All about this Center Parc

If you’re planning a trip to Paris to enjoy Disneyland, there are a few things you need to remember. This includes booking a hotel near Disney where you can sleep and live for the duration of your stay. In Paris, there are many hotels offering a number of services depending on what you want. If you want to combine your trip with the Eurodisney park, or if you’re going to Paris just for the park, you can book a room in the Village Nature.

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The Village Nature and Disneyland Paris

Le Village Nature is a Center Parc located in Paris and linked to the Disneyland park to provide accommodation during your stay at Eurodisney. So you need to be aware that this hotel is not Disney-themed like the hotels in the park, for example. This allows you to take a short break and see something else during your stay in Paris.

Room decor is unique to the hotel and is relatively neutral, simple and unrelated to Disneyland. What links this hotel to Eurodisney is the possibility of staying at this Center Parc by choosing a package when booking a Disneyland stay, and thus benefiting from lower rates via the Official Disneyland website.

These are advantages to make the most of your stay. theme park experience.

Center Parc Village Nature

So now you know that Center Parc Village Nature has its own identity and that, despite the advantages that bind it to Disneyland, it develops a a very special atmosphere.

aqualagon village nature paris

The Nature Village offers five different universes:

  • the aqualagon: a world totally linked to water and aquatic activities such as wave pools, slides, saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzis. There’s even an outdoor lagoon heated to 30° for those with a chill,
  • BelleVie Farm: an extraordinary world where your children can discover life on the farm. In addition, your children will meet cows, goats, ponies and more. They can also try their hand at making organic products, which are then sold in the grocery store and tea room,
  • extraordinary gardens: here, you can come face-to-face with all the elements that make up nature: earth, air, fire, water. To keep your kids entertained, there’s a fun tour that lets them discover the most incredible things about nature,
  • the forest of legends: a 2.5-hectare play area for children to discover the joys of outdoor activities,
  • the lake promenade: in this world, you can bask along a lake and even do some unique activities.

In addition, you can have a wide range of activities on offer for all ages and for all tastes. all points of interest.

Disney rooms and services

apartment village nature paris

Concerning rooms, there are two moods to choose from:

  • Cocon VIP rooms: they can accommodate up to five adults and six people with children, thanks to the presence of a double bed, two single beds and a sofa bed in a space of two rooms and one bedroom.
  • Country Premium rooms: these can accommodate up to four or six people, as they offer two rooms and three rooms respectively, comprising either two rooms with a double bed and a sofa bed, or a double bed, a sofa bed and two single beds.

This hotel offers a large number of services, two of which are of particular interest to the park Disneyland Paris:

  • a Magicpass that allows you to combine tickets, keys, Fastpass, Disney Premier Access, entry to the pool and gym, means of payment in the park and your magic moments into a single card,
  • access to the shuttle buses that take you to Disneyland Paris, so you don’t have to use your own car.


Now you know that you can enjoy a trip to Disneyland Paris by staying in anything other than a Disney hotel. In addition, the Nature Village gives you access to a host of other activities and services outside the park. TheDavy Crockett Ranch Disney Hotel also offers accommodation in the heart of nature, in 6-person bungalows with all the benefits of the Disneyland Resort.

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