The MagicPass of Disneyland Paris: All the Info!

When staying in a Disney hotel, you generally walk around with quite a few belongings, such as suitcases, and maybe strollers for Disney. And in the park, you have to think about carrying a backpack with water bottles, snacks, a comfort item, a raincoat or cap… Also, you must have your entrance tickets, your hotel tickets if you have booked a room or suite, any discount tickets if you have them, and your meal vouchers…

To be very clear, there are a lot of things to carry when you go to Disneyland Paris. To address this issue, the Disney park has introduced a Magic Pass.

magic pass card disneyland paris

What is the Disney Magic Pass?

The Disney MagicPass is nothing more than a card provided to you upon your arrival at the hotel you have booked. This card consolidates everything you need to easily enjoy your stay at the Disney park.

Very specifically, this card contains

  • the entrance tickets to Disneyland Paris,
  • the room key to access your hotel at any time,
  • your meal vouchers, if you have booked a meal plan when reserving your stay. In fact, before the MagicPass became a multi-service card, it was intended to hold meal vouchers from the dining plan,
  • your tickets to access the different special events offered by the Disney park (themed weekends, etc.),
  • your tickets to the show “The Legend of Buffalo Bill with Mickey and Friends.”
  • swimming pool and gym access at your hotel,
  • any other services you may have booked, such as character breakfasts for example.

Any other documents not mentioned are not (yet) included in the MagicPass.

Note, do not confuse this MagicPass card (which this article is about) with the annual Disney passes (which allow year-round access to Disneyland park).

How does this Disneyland Paris MagicPass work?

You should know that this card is completely free; you don’t have to spend a single extra euro to benefit from this wonderful card. When you check in at the hotel, the Disney MagicPass is distributed to each member of your group (except for children under 3 years old).

If you lose or have your card stolen, or even if it becomes demagnetized, you simply have to go to the reception desk of your hotel, to the City Hall located in Disneyland park, or even to the visitor customer relations counters to receive a new card or to re-magnetize it.

Once you have this card, you simply have to swipe or insert your Magic Pass to:

  • enter your room,
  • enter the Disneyland parks,
  • retrieve the paper version of your Disney Premier Access,
  • pay for your meals at the restaurant,
  • make purchases in Disney stores.

You no longer need to have a separate document for each of these actions; everything is consolidated in one place.

What are the benefits of the MagicPass card?

If such a card has been implemented, it’s not for nothing. It’s because it offers a number of advantages for everyone.

Its benefits are as follows:

  • great convenience as it allows you to carry very few documents throughout your day,
  • a good ecological point as everything on your card no longer needs to be printed. Even if it doesn’t seem huge on your scale, imagine the number of documents multiplied by the number of people who visit the park each year,
  • a time-saver, in that you simply have to swipe to access the most important services,
  • a park evolution thanks to the digitization of a large part of the services offered by the park.

These are benefits that are quite pleasant and make your trip with family or friends easier.


In other words, the Disney MagicPass allows you to consolidate some of the documents that give you access to different areas of the park and also serves as a payment card. It is given to you upon your arrival at the park, at no additional cost, and is replaced in case of theft, loss, or demagnetization. You can therefore spend your stay safely and, above all, peacefully with the help of your little Magic Pass card.