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All the prices charged at Disneyland Paris

Discover all the different prices and rates to know in order to better prepare your visit to Disneyland Paris. The indicated rates are the prices observed on the official website, as well as on ticketing and travel agency websites.

Disneyland Paris Park Tickets Prices

Type of ticket
Adult price
Child price*
1 day ticket1 park
2 day ticket2 parks
3 day ticket2 parks
4 day ticket2 parks

Rates are indicative,”from” and subject to change. Only the rates indicated on the official Disneyland Paris website are valid.

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All tickets rates for the Disneyland Paris park

The prices of tickets to the Paris Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio depends on the date of your holidays. The days with little frequentation in the Disneyland Paris parks are logically at a reduced price.

The Disneyland Paris affluence calendar for the park ticket is available in real time on the Disneyland opening times page.

When deciding to go to Disneyland Paris, there are many things to organize and consider. The major question is what is the best fare for you. There are several different deals available to go to Disneyland Paris Park. Everything depends on how long you want to stay there, how many people are going with you. Disneyland paris deals depend on whether you have standard or family rates, how many children or adults are coming. As well as whether you want to go several times a year.

Disneyland Paris deals for a accommodation and entry fare

The Disneyland Paris park offers a wide range of rates, tickets, hotels and holidays. The search for the best rate for your Disneyland Paris holidays is automatic and allows you to benefit from the best cheap rates when staying in a Disney hotel.

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Disneyland Paris private sales

On several occasions during the year, private sales for Disneyland Paris are available online. These private sales for Disneyland Paris deals are found on different websites and at different times of the year. It is therefore possible to obtain “flash sale” prices, both for tickets and accommodation by taking advantage of private sales. You will find explanations, dates and Disneyland Paris deals on Disney’s private sales by following the link below.

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The dated 1 day entrance ticket

The general Disneyland entrance tickets are generally available during the peak season, as explained above. But there are also pre-dated tickets that allow access to the parks on a specific day. These tickets are not expensive because they allow entry only one day in the year, on a specific date. If you know when you will be arriving at Disneyland Paris, then choosing a dated ticket at the best price is an ideal way to save money. There are other ways to save money, and our guide to the Disneyland Paris booking system explains them in full. We recommend that you review it before you book your holidays or your tickets.

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Disneyland Paris Annual Pass fares

The Disneyland Paris park also offers annual passes to enjoy the parks all year round without restrictions. With those annual passes, you can also take advantage of promotions and reduced prices on Disney stores, restaurants, events and hotels. With the Disneyland Paris annual pass, you can also benefit from cheaper Disneyland tickets and preferential prices for the friends and family you bring along.

Disneyland Pass bronze

Bronze Annual Pass rate = 289€
This annual pass gives access to both parks 170 days a year.

Disneyland Pass silver

Silver Annual Pass fare = 499€
The Silver annual pass allows access to both Disneyland parks for 300 days a year.

Disneyland Pass Gold

Gold Annual Pass rate = 699€
This annual pass allows you to enter the two Disneyland Paris parks 350 days a year.

Additional information on Disneyland Paris ticket prices

The difference between the Disneyland Paris prices for the annual Pass tickets are essentially due to the number of days where you’ll have access to the Disneyland and the Walt Disney Studios parks. The days which are allowed for each Pass also depend on a calendar. This calendar is very close to the calendar of peak days in the Disneyland parks.

Disneyland Paris ticket fees are re-evaluated every year. It is therefore important to check the dates of validity of ads. The promotions and special offers of the Disneyland Paris parks allows you to benefit from advantageous rates on a regular basis. For example, Disneyland Paris tickets at 29 euros are rarely available. There is also a special fare with the “francilien” ticket, which contrary to its name, is not reserved only for Parisians!

Book cheap Disneyland Paris tickets online.

After purchasing your tickets at a cheap price on the official Disneyland Paris website, you will receive all the relevant information by email. The only important point to remember about these cheap Disneyland Paris tickets is that you will have to print the tickets before going to the Disneyland parks. Of course, you can also simply present the confirmation email. This saves you from printing the Disneyland Paris ticket.

The Disneyland Paris Premier Access

There are tickets called Disneyland Premier Access. These particular tickets enable you to get to eligible attractions quicker. There are 2 types of tickets. The Disneyland Paris Premier Access One, which allows you to buy tickets only for the attraction(s) that is of interest to you. The Disney Premier Access Ultimate, on the other hand, gives you the possibility to access all eligible attractions quickly (except Orbitron).

Disneyland Paris parking rates (without ticket)

Disneyland car park is not free. But you can get discounts, or even free parking under certain conditions. Find out more about Disneyland parking rates.

Type of vehicle
Disneyland parking price
Car height < 2m
Car height > 2m
Seats > 9

Frequently asked questions

Where to buy cheap Disneyland Paris tickets?

Disneyland Paris regularly offers promotions on accommodation and tickets. All available offers are listed above. You will get the best price by booking your ticket in advance online. This will also save you the wait at the ticket office in the morning of your arrival.

What are the Disneyland Paris ticket fares?

Ticket prices will vary depending on several criteria. The first criteria is the timeframe chosen. For example, weekend tickets are more expensive than weekday tickets. The price also depends on whether the ticket is for an adult or a child. The price of the ticket varies from £53.60 to £108.10. To get the exact price, please refer to the table above.

What is the Magic Ticket?

There is the MAGIC ticket and the MAGIC Pass. The first one, the MAGIC ticket, is a ticket giving access to the park during a period called MAGIC. The other periods are SuperMAGIC and MINI.

The MAGIC Pass is reserved for people staying at a Disneyland Paris Hotel. It is an access card that can be used as a room key, parking pass and entry ticket to Disneyland Paris parks.

What are the two Disneyland parks?

When you buy your ticket, you must choose whether it allows you to enter one or two of the Disneyland Paris parks. The rate will obviously be different for a ticket for 1 park or 2 parks.

The first park is Disneyland Paris. It is the park with the areas themed « Disneyland universe and characters ». It is the largest and most visited park.

The second park is the Walt Disney Studio. This park is smaller and themed on the world of cinema (still about the Disney universe).

The two parks are side by side, and each park has attractions, restaurants and stores…