Meals, transportation, hotels, enjoy an all-inclusive stay at Disneyland!

There are numerous options for all-inclusive Disney stays. In this article, you will find all the useful information for traveling to Disneyland Paris all-inclusive and on a budget. We will detail the different possibilities for Hotel + Park stays with or without transportation, along with some tips to benefit from the all-inclusive experience with the meal plans available at Disneyland Paris.

Package: 2 days + 1 night in a Disney hotel

Currently, take advantage of a budget-friendly stay with the numerous advantages on the prices of Disney hotel stays, including tickets to both parks. Online booking is mandatory.

Make the most of your all-inclusive Disney holidays.

When it comes to planning a vacation, the focus is often on how much holidays at Disneyland Paris might cost. While many prefer to find Disneyland stays on private sales, insiders know that it’s better to seize the Hotel + Park offers to not only get the best prices but also to make the most of the experiences offered by Disneyland. From experience, I can tell you that you can waste your time waiting in line to get your tickets, trying to agree on a meal choice, and queuing in front of restaurants and attractions. As a result, you end up only experiencing 4 or 5 attractions in a day. So here’s my tip for organizing Disneyland holidays with peace of mind for the enjoyment of both children and adults.

By opting for all-inclusive Disney holidays, I was able to treat my little family to a truly magical weekend filled with carefree moments in the wonderful world of Mickey and his friends. And why not you? Don’t think about anything anymore! Hotel, transportation, activities, and meals, everything is included in the package! Whether it’s your first trip to Disneyland or not, make the most of it! There’s nothing better than booking all-inclusive Disneyland holidays to immerse yourself in the magic of this theme park.

For the first time in my life, I was able to enjoy stress-free vacations. It was a true holiday experience thanks to an all-inclusive stay focused on comfort, filled with emotions and discoveries.

Hotel + Park package

Here is the first way to have almost all-inclusive holidays. I say almost because in this package, it includes hotel nights and tickets for both theme parks. This is usually the “basic” offer provided by Disneyland Paris. It also corresponds to the cheapest price compared to staying in a hotel near Disneyland and buying tickets separately. (I’ll provide the link below to the offers page). To have dining and transportation included in the price, find my method just a little further down in this article. In the meantime, here is the description of this hotel + park package offer.


By booking an all-inclusive holidays, you not only spend the night in a comfortable establishment but much more! Disneyland hotels offer hoidays that are very different from traditional hotels. You won’t just sleep in a comfortable room. The decoration, the service of the staff, and the dining options make your vacation moments truly magical.

The choice is vast, ranging from Disneyland Hotel to Disney’s Newport Bay Club, including Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe, Hotel New York Marvel, and Disney’s Sequoia Lodge. That’s more than 7 hotels in the Resort. Staying in one of these hotels near Disney Lake and just a short walk, maximum ten minutes, from the park is really great. The proximity is very convenient, especially when you’re going to Disneyland with children. You’ll have access to pools (both outdoor and indoor), water slides, and many other recreational areas that will delight the children. Regardless of the Disney hotel you choose, they all offer a magical setting. Simply perfect for an all-inclusive Disney family vacation!

Activities in the parks

From the moment you arrive, the same priority always arises: children want to take photos with the Princesses and cartoon characters, fly to Peter Pan’s Neverland, set sail with Pirates of the Caribbean, experience the Parade, shows, small trains, slides, and attractions… By choosing an all-inclusive trip to Disneyland, you can plan in advance all the activities to do during your holidays. This way, it is easier to organize and succeed in your schedule during your Disney trip.

Another tip I would like to share with you is “Extra Magic Time.” By staying at a Disney hotel, you can access the parks exclusively from 8:30 a.m. It’s really nice, no hordes of tourists until 10 a.m. when it opens to the public! With the children, we took plenty of selfies peacefully! That’s another good reason to choose an all-inclusive package at Disneyland.

Summary of Hotel + Parks package:

  • Time savings due to the proximity of the hotels to the parks
  • Tickets for both parks are included (ticket prices are almost zero when taking advantage of these offers)
  • Park and attraction opening before regular hours
  • Permanent magical atmosphere

The meal plans of an all-inclusive Disney holidays

It’s one of my favorite things about an all-inclusive Disney holidays. It’s always a real pleasure to sit down for a meal at a Disneyland restaurant. Personally, I’m not used to eating breakfast, but I don’t hesitate to make an exception because the breakfast buffet offers everything you could want. Cereals, pain au chocolat, pancakes, croissants, omelettes, bacon… a great meal to start the day off right!

Just for your information, out of the three meal plans offered, I usually choose the “Half Board” option almost every time. This includes breakfast and one meal, either lunch or dinner. If you choose the “Full Board” option, all three meals are included. Alternatively, you can choose the “Breakfast” plan which includes only breakfast. The advantage of booking your all-inclusive Disneyland package is the flexibility to choose the meal plan that suits your preferences and budget, as you can also choose between buffet or table service.

Why am I choosing half board?

To save time and make the most of my holidays, I have a hearty breakfast (it’s a buffet with plenty of options, so might as well enjoy it to the fullest). For lunch, I usually have a snack either around 11:30 am (before the restaurants get crowded) or around 2:00 pm when the seats become available. This way, while others are eating, I can maximize my time on the usually crowded attractions.

To provide you with more detailed information about the meal plans, here is a table to guide you. The main difference lies in the number of restaurants accessible with each plan. For example, if you are on the Standard meal plan, you can certainly dine at the Inventions restaurant, but it will not be included in your plan. You will have to pay the regular price for it. That’s why I recommend the Standard Half Board meal plan instead. This allows you to have one meal wherever you choose…

les options de repas
les pensions
Current prices

Note: The meal vouchers are also valid in the Disney Village. If you want to enjoy a meal with Disney characters, which I highly recommend, it is still better to choose the Half Board meal plan and book your Character Dining separately.
Also, it is important to note that the meal plans must be selected at the time of booking your holidays.

How do I book holidays with transportation included?

Disneyland Paris has everything planned so that we can have holidays without using our car. Plane, train, car, metro… Disney has the solution. Here are the different means available for holidays and transportation.

Package with train

Holidays at Disneyland with train transportation also grants access to the Disney Express. The Disney Express is a service reserved for visitors enjoying a train + hotel + park package. There is a dedicated counter at Marne La Vallée/Chessy station. Simply go to this counter upon exiting your train. You drop off your luggage and receive your park access tickets. Your luggage will be directly delivered to your hotel room by Disneyland’s team. This saves you the time of checking in at the hotel and allows you to enjoy your day without the burden of your luggage and without paying for storage. It is important to note that, like dining options, this service should be selected during the reservation of your holidays at Disneyland Paris.

If you wish to travel by train, I highly recommend checking out the Disneyland Paris packages.

Package with plane

The Magic Shuttle is available for those arriving by plane, allowing you to easily reach your Disney hotel or the parks. These buses operate as regular shuttles between Charles de Gaulle / Orly airports and Disneyland Paris. Please note that you can also take advantage of the luggage service if you wish.

Car trip

I didn’t mention it before, but when you stay at a Disney hotel during your visit, parking is free. You can then either walk to the park or use the complimentary shuttle service between the parks and your hotel.

Get the best rate for a cheap holidays

Choosing a Hotel + Park package is the best solution to get the best possible price. Indeed, if we calculate the price of a hotel night in a hotel not too far from the parks and add the price of the park tickets, the total is much higher than the price offered by Disneyland Paris with its Hotel + Park package.

But most importantly, Disneyland offers the “Best Price Guarantee” which means that Disneyland will refund the difference if you find a lower price and also provide an additional €20 gift card.

For truly affordable holidays at Disney, you can also stay at the “Disney Hotel Cheyenne” or “Disney Hotel Santa Fe”. These two hotels are of high quality (as expected from Disney), themed with a Western decoration for the first one and Cars for the second one. Not only will you have access to all the Disney benefits (shuttle service, Extra Magic Hours, guarantees, etc.), but your children will be delighted in these hotels. All of this at prices often half the cost of the 4 or 5-star hotels in the Resort. These two hotels are truly a great option for an economical, high-quality, and magical holidays!

Practical Summary

There are several possible options for your Disneyland hilodays depending on the features you desire. You can simply book a hotel + parks package, which offers a very advantageous rate and unlimited access to the parks, including Extra Magic Time in the morning and the proximity of the hotel to the parks.

It is also possible to book an all-inclusive package for dining, either with half-board or just breakfast included. Not only does this greatly simplify logistics, but it also saves valuable time once inside the park.

Finally, you can choose to come by metro, train, or bus. You can take advantage of services such as free shuttles and luggage service.

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