Accessibility and Priority Card for people with disabilities

Visitors with disabilities at Disneyland Paris can obtain a priority card. There are two different cards, and they do not provide the same benefits. It is also possible to get a discount on entry prices and passes. Here are the useful and important information to benefit from these cards and the discount.

Ticket prices for people with a disability

The discounts granted to visitors with disabilities at Disneyland Paris are as follows:

Discount on 1 day / 1 park tickets: 25% Discount on 1 day / 2 parks tickets: 25% Discount on Disneyland Pass: 25% (annual pass)

It is important to note that the accompanying person also benefits from this 25% discount on tickets.

In order to take advantage of this discount, it is important to provide an official proof accepted by Disneyland Paris. See the “Required Documents” section for more details.

Ticket sales at this rate are only available on site:

  • At the entrance of the Disney Parks
  • At the concierge desk of your Disney hotel

The sale of discounted Disneyland Passes is conducted at the Walt Disney Studio Park ticket counters.

Priority Cards

In addition to benefiting from a Special Rate, you can request a Priority Card. There are two different cards:

The Priority Card

This card is intended for individuals with official recognition of disability. It allows priority access to attractions, character meet-and-greets, shows, restaurants, and shops.

It is important to note that:

  • Access is priority, but not necessarily immediate
  • 4 people can accompany you on the attractions
  • 2 people can accompany you for Shows and parades

The Facility Card

This card is intended for people with a Long-Term Illness, and 4 people can also accompany you. This priority card grants you facilitated and priority access to attractions only.

Holders of Facility Cards and their companions can take advantage of a reservation system through a special appointment booklet. This will be given to you at the entrance of the Parks.

How to obtain these priority cards?

It is possible to obtain the cards through two different means:

  • Make the request directly at the dedicated counters on the day of the visit.
  • Make the request online before the visit (proof will still have to be presented at the dedicated counters on the day of the visit).

Accessibility in the Disney Parks

Disabled access plan with counters

Accessing the parks:

From the parking lot, reserved and adapted spaces are available in the visitor parking. Additional parking spaces are present in the motorhome parking area.

To get from the parking to the park entrances, a moving walkway is accessible to easily cross the parking area.

If you are coming from a Disney hotel, the free shuttle buses in operation are adapted for people with reduced mobility.

To access Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio, you must present yourself at the dedicated counters. These specific counters allow for priority access. It is also at these counters that you must present your proof to obtain the Priority Card or the Facilitation Card, as well as the Accessibility Map, the Blue Booklet, and the guide with Appointments.

In the parks:

Easy and secure pathways are provided for moving around all of Disneyland Paris. These paths are indicated on the map that is given at the entrance of the parks.

Wheelchair and stroller rental services are available at the “Stroller and Wheelchair Rentals” shop.

Priority cards allow quick access to the various attractions. All attractions are adapted to accommodate visitors with reduced mobility. For example, transfer boards or vehicles adapted to wheelchairs are available (depending on the attraction). However, it is sometimes necessary to transfer from the wheelchair to the attraction seat.

All restaurants, stores, and restrooms in Disneyland Paris are fully adapted for the reception and comfort of guests with disabilities.

For specific needs, it is possible to go to the First Aid Center. The staff there are fully qualified; you can drop off medication that needs to be kept cold or perform a change for a person.

Note: Guide dogs and assistance animals are allowed in the Parks. If you prefer, you can benefit from the free Disney Kennel service called Animal Reception Point.

Specific equipment in Disney hotels

The Disney hotels are the Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Hotel New York, Disney’s Newport Bay Club, Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, and Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe. For a complete stay at Disneyland Paris, these hotels are also perfectly adapted for visitors with disabilities. Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch is also adapted, but there are no free Disney shuttles to and from this hotel.

In each of these hotels, the entire establishment allows for wheelchair access. Elevators are available to reach the floors or restaurants.

The rooms are equipped with telephones with adapted showers or bath seats allowing for unassisted bathing. Kits for deaf and hard of hearing visitors are available upon simple request at the reception.

The pools have water lift devices, adapted cabins, and pool wheelchairs.

Documents Required

Proof accepted for the Priority Card

  • Attendance Allowance Award
  • Personnal Independence Payment
  • Blue Badge
  • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
  • National Disability Card
  • Disabled ID

supprimer et completer les docs

Proof accepted for the Facility Card

Only a medical certificate indicating the number of one of the 30 Long-Term Illnesses (LTI) will be accepted. It must be dated less than 3 months ago, signed and stamped by a physician. The document must be in French or English.

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