Which Disney hotel to choose? Family-friendly, Budget-friendly, Comfortable… Which one is the best?

In this article, I will help you choose the best Disney hotel for your next holidays. For more details on each hotel, I invite you to read my article on each of them or directly refer to the summary of Disneyland hotels with their rates.

The hotels at Disneyland Paris Resort are numerous, with five located directly at the park’s doorstep. There is also the Village Nature Paris and Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch. However, despite being advertised as being close to Disney, these two hotels are located further away from the park and are not within walking distance. Therefore, access to them would either require a paid public shuttle or your own car. For this reason and their lack of “Disney” ambiance, I do not recommend them for a purely “Disneyland” focused holidays. However, they can be a good compromise between a friendly nature-oriented holidays and Disney magic.

Ranking of Disneyland hotels by theme.

Best Disney hotel for magical holidays.

Entrance of the Disneyland Paris hotel

To have incredible holidays in the heart of Disneyland Park, the best way is undoubtedly to stay at the Disneyland Hotel. This 5-star hotel is the most luxurious in the Resort. Designed for discerning guests, its services surpass those of other hotels in the area (valet parking, Presidential Suite, VIP services, etc.).

If you stay at this hotel, you will enjoy 5-star services, but what really sets it apart is the Disney atmosphere that is present everywhere, the quality of the decorations, the attention to detail provided by the staff, and above all, the omnipresence of Disney characters throughout the hotel.

It is obviously the most expensive hotel in the park, but it truly offers significant advantages for unforgettable holidays at Disneyland.

Best Disneyland Paris hotel for an extraordinary experience.

Hotel art of marvel disneyland paris

The Disney New York Hotel has undergone an incredible theming transformation. This 4-star hotel has even changed its name to Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel (personally, I call it the Marvel Hotel). As its new name suggests, it is completely decorated in a New York City ambiance, but most importantly, with Marvel Super Heroes present everywhere (decorations, bedding, statues and busts, gadgets, etc.). It is even possible to participate in superhero workshops, try to lift Thor’s hammer, or dine in a restaurant where Spiderman can be seen. And for relaxation, there’s the pool, sauna, bar, and more. This one-of-a-kind hotel is so comprehensive that it’s impossible to describe everything here. It has been fully renovated and re-themed (opened in 2022). As you can tell, it is truly the hotel to choose to immerse yourself in the Marvel ambiance.

Best Disney hotel for family holidays.

Sequoia lodge exterior view

The Sequoia Lodge is the best choice. This hotel is perfect for children, teenagers, and parents alike. Located on the Disney Lake, you can access the parks by simply crossing the Disney Village. It’s an easy and pleasant walk in the morning and evening, allowing you to quickly return to your hotel while still enjoying the entertainment of the Village and the lake. Of course, you can also take the free shuttles.

This hotel is rated 3 stars, but I would rather consider it as a 4-star category, especially due to the kindness of the staff. The large reception area includes a lounge bar and a children’s play area. It’s ideal for a family moment, allowing everyone to have their own space after a long day of walking!

The best compromise between nature holidays and Disneyland Parks

Disney Davy Crockett Ranch

At Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch, you stay in a bungalow that can accommodate up to 6 people. The bungalows are all nestled in the heart of nature and equipped with a barbecue, making it perfect for enjoying a relaxing moment with your family. There are plenty of activities available, including tennis, mini-golf, arcade games, pony rides, and most importantly, a magnificent swimming pool. The Davy Crockett Ranch pool is stunning, featuring a slide, waterfall, and underground passage. It’s a complete water complex at your disposal. This leisure residential park is themed after the famous trapper “Davy Crockett.” In the village, you’ll find a grocery store, restaurant, bar, game room, and many other services. By staying at this Disney hotel, you can enjoy the services of Disneyland Paris, including free parking, shopping delivery service, Extra Magic Time, and much more.

Best hotel in Disney for holidays

hotel newport bay

Of course, the Disneyland Hotel would be perfect, but it is not affordable for everyone. Fortunately, another hotel perfectly meets our expectations: the Newport Bay Club. This 4-star hotel is in the same price range as the Sequoia Lodge but is more luxurious (one extra star) and offers a more intimate and tranquil atmosphere. After a day in the park, with its attractions and queues, it is a welcome retreat for both adults and children. Its seaside ambiance contributes to perfect holidays of relaxation and rest. Additionally, if you have the opportunity to book a room with a lake view, it would be ideal.

Best value for money Disneyland hotel.

santa fe and cheyenne bedroom
Hotel Santa Fe room on the left – Cheyenne room on the right

The Cheyenne and Santa Fe hotels offer the best value for money. They are the “entry-level” hotels of Disneyland. They are ideal for large families due to their price, as they are often cheaper than the hotels near Disney thanks to the included benefits (fastpass, park ticket, extra magic moments, etc.). Choosing between the Cheyenne and Santa Fe hotels is difficult because the only difference is the decoration (Wild West for the Cheyenne, Mexico/Cars for the Santa Fe). Choose based on your thematic preference or the current benefits available.

Which Disney Hotel Should You Choose?

Another way to help you in your choice is also to proceed by elimination. In any case, I advise you to stick to the five main hotels in the park. You will have a much better stay thanks to the fabulous atmosphere of these hotels. It greatly extends your day at the park and allows you to truly “take a break” and disconnect from the rest of the world. And if you compare the price of a hotel near the park with the price of a hotel + ticket package, you will see that it is cheaper for you (especially with the Cheyenne and Santa Fe).

Next, among the five hotels, here’s how you can select the best choice for you:

  • If you have the budget, choose the Disneyland Hotel or the Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.
  • If you want to be able to do everything on foot and easily enjoy the services of Disneyland, as well as the entertainment in Disney Village and by the Lake, choose the Sequoia Lodge or, alternatively, the Newport Bay Club. These two hotels are often priced similarly based on the current benefits.
  • Finally, if you want to save money, choose the Santa Fe or the Cheyenne. They are also well-themed hotels and offer free shuttle service to the park. They will be perfect and almost as immersive as the first three hotels I mentioned.
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