Disney Photopass – Everything you need to know about Disneyland’s photo service.

At Disneyland Paris, numerous services are available to make our stay more enjoyable and even more magical. One of these services is the Disney Photopass+. I will explain everything you need to know about this Disney photo option. This way, you can better judge if the purchase is worth it or not, considering that this pass is also free for certain visitors.

What is Photopass+ Disney?

The Disney Photopass is an option available at Disneyland Paris. With the Disney Photopass, during your visit to the park and even after your visit, you can benefit from the photos taken by the park’s professional photographers at Disneyland Paris. To put it simply, when you visit Disneyland Paris, you will be photographed when you meet a Disney character or when you experience certain Disneyland attractions. These photos are taken by professionals. With your Disney Photopass+ service, you can retrieve these photographs on the dedicated website, directly in Disney stores, or at the photo kiosks located at the exit of the attractions. The Photopass+ is, therefore, a “pack” of all these photos.

photopass+ disneyland paris

The different Disney Photopasses

There are different photopasses; all have the same functionality, but the terms of use and acquisition may vary.

The Photopass+ is the photopass accessible to everyone. The Photopass+ Annual Pass. Reserved for Disneyland Pass holders, and valid for the entire duration of the annual pass. The Photopass+ Premium. It allows, in addition to directly retrieving Magic Shots photos and the 180° video from the Avengers Campus Training Center.

What is the price of the Disneyland Paris Photopass+?

The price of the Disney Photopass is €74.99, if you don’t benefit from any discount or advantage; the Premium costs 90€. But fortunately for you, it is possible to get it at a lower price or even for free! With the Photopass, you will have access to all the photos taken during your stay, and the price remains the same. It’s a comprehensive package. When I mention “retrieving the photos,” I mean “downloading the photos.” You will receive digital files, and it’s up to you whether you want to print them or not (further explanations below).

Getting the Disney Photopass at a lower price

If you have a Disneyland Annual Pass, you can get a discount on the price of the Photopass.

  • Disneyland Pass Silver: 10% discount
  • Disneyland Pass Gold : free

How does the Disneyland photo service work?

Where to buy the Disney Photopass?

The service is not included in the ticket or hotel price. The Photopass+ can be purchased directly in Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studio. It is conveniently available at the exit of attractions that offer the service and in a few other photo shops in the park. There’s no need to reserve it in advance; you can buy it upon arrival in the park in the morning or in the evening before the end of the day. This is quite convenient as it allows you to take the time to decide if it’s useful for you. (If you haven’t seen any characters and your arm is covering your children’s faces in all the attractions, the value of purchasing the Photopass is limited 😉

How does the Disneyland Photopass work?

When you visit a Disney character at a character meet-and-greet location, the photographer will give you a small card. If you already have a card, they will simply scan it. After that, you can continue your day as if nothing happened.

For the attractions, when you see your photos displayed on the screens at the exit of the attractions, you will see a number under the photo. Take note of it (or take a photo of it with your mobile phone). Then, simply give the number to a vendor, and they will add the corresponding photo to your “photopass card.” You can either wait until the end of the day to do this all at once or do it at the exit of each attraction. I recommend doing it all at the end of the day, as you will only need to queue up once to see a vendor.

At the end of the day, all your photos are grouped together on your photo card. You can view the photos on the kiosks located in the shops. If you decide to purchase the Photopass+ Disney, you will be able to download unlimited photos of your choice.

Print Disneyland Paris photos with photopass+

To print your Disneyland photos, you need to visit the Android or iOS application, or simply go to the website www.disneyphotopass.eu.

You will need to enter the code indicated on your Photopass. Your personal photos will then appear, and you just have to select the ones you’re interested in and print them in the desired format.

Tips and promotional codes for Photopass+ Disney

If you happen to separate during the day, it is possible to consolidate the “different photo cards” into a single card at the end of the day. When you receive your first card, immediately ask the photographers for a second card with the same number. This will save time and make it easier at the end of the day.

The Photopass is free with the Infinity annual pass and is valid for 365 days with the annual passes. So if you plan to visit Disneyland Paris multiple times throughout the year, consider getting an annual pass!

If you stay multiple days at Disneyland during a Hotel+Ticket package, you can use a single Photopass+ Disney pack. It is valid for the entire duration of your stay. The photos are kept and available for several days after your departure.

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