Disney Crowd Levels, Calendars, and Opening times at Disneyland Paris

Disney Attendance Calendar 2024

Here is the calendar that indicates days with high and low attendance at the Eurodisney parks. On this calendar, you can see the dark red days, which are the days with the highest number of visitors. The lighter days represent low attendance. If you want a more peaceful experience and your schedule allows it, I recommend visiting Disneyland during days with low Disney crowd levels. However, if that’s not possible, Disneyland Fastpasses allow you to save several hours of waiting in line easily!

Below is the calendar indicating the daily attendance in Disneyland parks. To access the calendar and prices for each day, click here:

Month-by-month calendar of planned attendance at Disneyland Paris

Park attendance calendar from January to September 2023, day by day

To prepare for your visit to Disneyland Paris, you can use this schedule that indicates the park’s attendance days. Indeed, with this forecasted attendance calendar, you can easily determine when there will be more or fewer people in the parks.

The days during the MINI period are the days with the lowest attendance at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. That’s why the ticket prices are cheaper during this time.

The days during the SUPER MAGIC period, on the contrary, are dates with the highest attendance at the parks. The entrance tickets are more expensive, and the wait times for each attraction are longer.

The days with average attendance are marked as MAGIC on the calendar. The entrance price is normal, and the crowd levels are also moderate.

As you may have understood, entrance tickets are cheaper outside of school holidays, weekends, and public holidays. But there are other advantages as well. For instance, your wait times at each attraction will be reduced, allowing you to make the most of your stay at Disneyland Park. For example, if you were planning to visit on July 14th, check the attendance calendar before coming to get an idea of the wait times for attractions. Of course, to save a lot of time in queues, you can take advantage of the Disney FastPass system. The price is always advantageous considering the time it saves throughout the day.

Disneyland Paris opening hours

The opening and closing hours of Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park are different. Important: The operating hours are subject to regular changes and may vary depending on the attendance periods. It is strongly recommended to check the up-to-date schedules directly (see below).

Heures d'ouvertures
Moment de Magie en Plus
Parc Disneyland
09h30 à 20h00
08h30 à 09h30
Parc Walt Disney Studio
09h30 à 18h00

Extra Magic Time

You would like to spend more time in the parks, and it is possible. All visitors can indeed access Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park before the official opening hours. How? It’s very simple. If you stay at one of the park’s hotels or if you have an Annual Pass, you will be able to enjoy this benefit.

The opening hours of the Disney parks are then extended, and quite significantly. The park gates will open between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM for guests with passes or staying at a Disney hotel. This is what Disney calls the Extra Magic Hours or Magic Moments.

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