Disney ticket at 56€ – the cheapest adult admission.

Disneyland Paris is a magical destination. The ticket prices are not fixed, so it is possible to find various ticket rates depending on several factors. In this article, I will explain three methods to get the best price and find a cheap ticket for Disneyland Paris.

How to find the lowest ticket price?

The ticket prices are set by Disneyland Paris, so all ticket vendors will offer exactly the same rates. To get the best price for your ticket, it is essential to know this simple yet effective tip:

It is possible to purchase tickets for a single day or multiple days. Naturally, the 1-day ticket is cheaper than the others. This ticket starts at 81€, depending on the dates of your visit. But there is still a way to get it even cheaper. When you select your 1-day ticket, you have the option to choose a ticket for 1 park or for 2 parks. This choice is only available for the 1-day tickets. Indeed, in just one day, you won’t have enough time to fully explore Disneyland Park, so visiting Walt Disney Studios on the same day is almost impossible.

For this reason, I strongly advise you to choose a dated 1-day 1-park ticket. You will have the option to choose the park you want to visit (either Walt Disney Studios or Disneyland Park). This simple tip will give you a price reduction of at least 25€, allowing you to get a Disney ticket starting from 56€.

Here are the three ticket reservation platforms available to get the best deal:

The official Disneyland Paris website: On the official Disneyland Paris website, you will find the same prices and guarantees as everywhere else. And you have the added advantage of ensuring a smooth reservation process until your entry into the park.

The Tiqets website: On Tiqets, you get a 10% deferred discount. The prices are the same as on the Disneyland website, but you will receive a 10% discount to use on a future order.

The Getyourguide website: On this well-known site, you will find the same offers for cheap tickets. It is also possible to purchase packages that include visits to Paris or transportation from the airport to the park (at an additional cost, of course).

An offer with a 10% discount using a promo code.

As I explained to you, ticket prices are the same in all ticket vendors. However, there is one ticket reseller that offers a promotional offer of 10% discount valid on all activities available on their website. After your purchase on tiqets.com, you will receive a voucher applicable to all their site’s activities. This promo code gives you a 10% discount on the total amount of your next order.

Tips to get the cheapest ticket possible.

There are other ways to get a cheap Disney ticket. As I explained earlier, ticket prices vary. To get an inexpensive ticket, you should follow the following advice:

Carefully choose a dated ticket.

Among the various tickets offered by Disneyland, there are dated tickets. These tickets are much cheaper because you have to choose your visit date at the time of purchase. If you are certain about the day you want to go to Disney, it is the best choice of ticket.

Check the visit date.

The ticket price greatly depends on your visit date. If you want to enjoy the lowest prices, it’s better to go to Disneyland Paris in February rather than during the Christmas holidays, for example. Each day has its own rate, and you can check them both on the official website and on the two sites mentioned earlier on this page.

Tickets for 2 days or more are even cheaper.

If you are going to Disneyland Paris for several days, it is more economical to purchase tickets corresponding to the duration of your stay. Note that all 2-day and more tickets provide access to both parks on all days. Here are the cheapest packages based on the number of days of visit (prices for adult tickets)

2-day ticket: 142€, which is 71€ per day 3-day ticket: 201€, which is 67€ per day 4-day ticket: 236€, which is 59€ per day

The Disneyland ticket for 29 euros, what is it? How can you get this ticket?

The Disneyland ticket for 29 euros, as the name suggests, was an entrance ticket to Disneyland Paris that cost only 29 euros. However, not only were they very rare, but they were also very difficult to obtain. It required a lot of patience and a lot of luck. Now, these tickets, just like the “billets francilien,” no longer exist. To find cheap tickets, you must look for other solutions.

Your entrance ticket for only 42€. It’s still possible!

It is possible to get even cheaper tickets for full access to Disneyland Paris. This ticket also grants you access to the parks during Extra Magic Hours and allows you to attend the nighttime shows.

To get this ultra-advantageous price, you must come accompanied by someone who has an Infinity or Magic Plus annual pass. The person with the pass will need to book the tickets online for the chosen date and must also be present to collect the tickets on the day of the visit. This introduces several significant constraints since you not only need to know someone with an annual Disneyland subscription but that person must also be available on-site on the day of the visit (at least to collect these cheap tickets).

The ticket at this rate is often only valid for the least busy times at Disneyland Park. The prices are as follows, depending on the seasons:

Pass Infinity
Pass Magic Plus
Basse Saison
haute Saison


There are several solutions for a cheap Disney ticket. You get all the possible benefits for a discounted price. The Privilege ticket is also interesting, but often more complicated to implement. Finally, if it fits your needs, do not hesitate to choose the dated 1-day 1-park ticket, which alone allows you to make significant savings.

The solution that is often the most economical for a visit of at least 2 days is to take advantage of the price of a Disneyland hotel stay with park access. Indeed, with this complete reservation, the entrance ticket is free (included). For a group stay, the total price is generally lower by booking the hotel and park together rather than purchasing discounted tickets and a hotel separately.

Can you buy Disney tickets on-site? Yes, but it will be more expensive. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket counters at the entrance of Disneyland Park. How to get cheap tickets for Disneyland? You need to book your tickets online to benefit from the promotion of tickets for less than 30€. This is the best available rate for Disneyland. How much does a Disney ticket cost? Disneyland Paris prices depend on the season, as well as current promotions. To get a cheap ticket, it is essential to buy it in advance online. Is it possible to go to Disney without a reservation? It is possible to visit Disneyland Paris without a prior reservation, but the prices will not benefit from any discounts.
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