Pirates of the Caribbean – Disneyland attraction

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The famous Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew continue to surprise us with their many adventures. Experience the thrill of walking in the footsteps of these pirates at Disneyland Paris: a more-than-realistic experience you won’t want to miss. Become a true buccaneer as you embark on the Black Pearl for some fantastic memories. At least, that’s what I did.

A flagship global attraction

Far from being exclusive, this Disneyland Paris attraction can be found in almost every park in the world. It’s been around for over forty years, but has undergone a number of refreshes over the years. Pirates of the Caribbean has undergone a multitude of renovations to adapt to the changes the film has undergone. This means that the public is always on the lookout for astonishing precision. However, the park does not fail to offer total satisfaction to budding buccaneers, especially as the release of the blockbuster film has boosted the attraction’s popularity. The advantage is that you can share this experience with your children, as the attraction has no size or age restrictions.

Put yourself in a pirate’s shoes

Pirates of the Caribbean attraction location

In Adventureland, set in a 17th-century setting, I embarked on a journey full of pitfalls and surprises. In the course of my journey, the ship sailed through the darkness of the bay, where there’s a Caribbean fort lost in the fog. In addition, a 12-gun galleon takes the fight to you. Then there’s Burning City, a gathering place for buccaneers and other plunderers to sing a song, and not just any song, but the famous “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate’s life” for your pure enjoyment.

Then there’s The Dungeon, with its gaols of buccaneers trying to coax the keys out of a poor man: a particularly funny scene from the film is reproduced for the enjoyment of visitors. There are alleyways in a battle-torn fortress through which you can escape. They are linked to the dank dungeons where many of the skeletons of fallen pirates lie. The moonlit lagoon is an excellent refuge.

There’s more to this journey than a leisurely tour. Captain Barbossa could appear at any moment to exact his revenge on those who betrayed him. As a result, the beautiful moonlight can quickly turn into a frightening zombie in the blink of an eye: a hectic, emotionally-charged situation. The staging is particularly realistic, with musket fire, explosions and swordplay. Afterwards, a victory is best celebrated with unlimited rum. Here, you can watch the buccaneers drink themselves into a stupor as they count their marvellous booty. I can only recommend this exciting adventure.

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