Main Street Vehicles – Disneyland Attraction

attraction main Street Vehicles

During our trip to Disneyland Paris, the children were fascinated by the sight of these kinds of vehicles, which they had never seen before in their lives. It happened along Main Street, U.S.A. Main Street Vehicles collects different types of vintage vehicles. Passengers can choose between a Mercer, a police car, a double-decker bus or a fire truck. For our part, we were lucky enough to drive down Main Street in a luxurious limousine. This elegant car gave us the opportunity to locate the stores and restaurants that interested us. Some are 2-3 storeys high, with Victorian-style architecture straight out of a bygone era. A ride in one of these original vehicles offers a different view of the city.

arrival place for attraction cars

Main Street Vehicles makes one-stop stops at Town Square and Le Central Plaza. The sound of old engines and the honking of old cars make Main Street an authentic street. I would like to inform you that some of the vehicles in this attraction are no longer on the road. However, you can still take photos with them in the background.

I’ve also noticed that Main Street Vehicles’ cars are not lacking in detail. Some, like the Omnibus or the tramway, advertise several of the city’s stores, including Emporium, Bixby Brothers and Toy Chest. This attraction is a great way to introduce children to the means of transport used in the past. I invite you to appreciate the originality of these beautiful vintage cars. You won’t be disappointed.