It’s a Small World – Disneyland Attraction

the "it's a small world" doll attraction at Disneyland paris

It’s a Small World is said to be one of the most iconic Disney attractions at Disneyland Paris. It is located in Fantasyland. I had a wonderful time in this world of animated dolls singing and dancing to a happy tune. I have to admit that my visit to this merry-go-round for young and old will remain engraved in my memory. As soon as I arrive, the only thing you can hear is the melody of the famous song It’s a Small World. You don’t even have to enter the world of dolls to hear it.

To discover this dolls’ house, you’ll need to board a boat for a mini-cruise. Inside, you can discover all the countries of the world, represented by dolls dressed in the styles and colors of each country. The simplistic, colorful backgrounds make them particularly impressive. The various reproductions of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and Tower Bridge will amaze you. Like the little ones, I was just as amazed at the sight of these hundreds of dolls.

attraction entrance

It’ a small world attracts many visitors not only to Disneyland Paris, but to every Disneyland park in the world. Here, you’ll feel like you’re on the happiest cruise of all the seas. A visit to It’a small world lasts 10 minutes, but with the joy and sensation you’ll feel inside, the time will seem so short that you’ll always want to go back. So I recommend this attraction.