Earl of Sandwich- Disneyland Restaurant

earl of sandwich disney village

Located on the shores of Lake Disney, between the Newport Bay Club and the New York Hotel, Earl of Sandwich boastsa terrace where you can eat hot sandwiches, pizzas, wraps or salads while admiring the panoramic view through the bay window. That’s what I did. The view is magnificent. The beauty of the exterior décor is enhanced by the presence of this Disney Village restaurant’s enormous hot-air balloon. The place is quiet, especially inside. It’s more or less lively outside, depending on the circumstances. If you like, you can take a seat in one of the two rooms.

Earl of Sandwich plan Disneyland Paris

A menu costs around €10. The value for money is right on target. You can have a menu based on pastries accompanied by a bowl of fresh fruit. The house offers three types of breakfast: French, American and English. The Disney meal offered to children is complete, consisting of a main course, a drink and a dessert.

meal at the Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich is all about fast food, meals on the go and American cuisine in honor of the country of origin of Walt Disney’s famous film. I particularly appreciate the initiative and creativity of the 4th Earl of Sandwich from the house library, who innovates every time to find new hot sandwiches, each as succulent as the next. By the way, it’s not just the sandwiches that are exquisite. I invite you to come and try our different grilled chicken dishes.