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If you’re a baseball fan, Casey’s corner has been specially designed for you. During my stay at Disneyland, it was my curiosity to discover this universe that drew me to this establishment. After a tour of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, I headed to this Disney restaurant to soak up some American culture. This visit to Disneyland has completely enriched my culinary knowledge.

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On the menu, I find several variations of the famous hot dog: the classic hot dog and the one with cheddar sauce at 9 euros. I chose the vegetable-topped hot dog with chili sauce. Casey’s corner also offers an excellent vegetable and grain salad. The restaurant recommends its chicken nuggets, French fries and cherry tomatoes to Disneyland visitors. At Casey’s corner, desserts come in the form of Dole fruit cups or Haribo Push up ice cream.

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Freshness is always appointment with various drinks. For a coffee break, you have the choice of espresso, coffee or cappuccino. Numerous visitors opt for the Instant délice formula. It includes a brownie with a hot or cold drink. To refresh myself, I had a nice beer that cost about 6 euros. Restaurant rates at Disneyland is quite affordable. The service is a little slow, but the dishes are copious, believe me!

In addition to American specialties, the decor of Casey’s corner immediately introduces me to the world of baseball. What could be better than ragtime to introduce me to this discipline? You can also discover the hero of “Casey with a bat” during your stay at Disneyland.

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