Studio Tram Tour Behind the Magic – Disneyland Attraction

the studio streetcar tour Disney paris

At Disneyland Paris, thrill-seeking attractions are the order of the day. Although I’m a big fan of thrill-seeking activities, the Studio Tram Tour Behind the Magic really piqued my curiosity. The desire to discover the world of cinema and all that lies behind these majestic film sets convinced me to climb aboard the streetcar for a surprising visit.

The journey begins when a studio Cast Member closes the clapperboard on which the scene to be shot is written. The exploration begins with a visit to the accessory storage area. I’ve noticed that a lot of props are used in the making of a film. Then, the sight of the multitude of reptiles and the many statues really impressed me. Among other things, I was able to recognize objects used in the film 101 Dalmatians, as well as sets from the Hollywood Legends boutique. A little further on, much to my surprise, the three gargoyles, friends of the bell-ringer Quasimodo from the film The Hunchback of Notre Dame, appear to accompany us. There are also a number of European players who have joined us on our journey to show us what goes on behind the scenes. But don’t get distracted on this Studio Tram Tour. A detour to Catastrophe Canyon can set the spotlight ablaze. Just hearing that name doesn’t bode well. It takes visitors on a real thrill ride. Still, it was an exciting ride. It allowed me to discover all the secrets of the shoot. I was able to experience some precious moments. If you too, dear cinephiles, would like to learn something, I recommend Studio Tram Tour Behind the Magic.