Starbucks Coffee – Disneyland Restaurant

starbucks coffee in disney village

There’s a Starbucks Coffee in Disney Village. It’s right next door to The Steakhouse, just across the street from The Disney Gallery, and has a well-lit decor. You queue up, choose, sit down and eat. It’s as simple as that. Always packed, Starbucks Coffee has many fans. The atmosphere is great, the food better.

star bucks coffee location

Between the coffee and tea variants that I really enjoy (in fact, they’re said to be world-renowned), Starbucks Coffee offers a snack menu. It’s available at any time. From Starbucks to On the other, prices remain unchanged.

meal at starbucks coffee

Service is available at the counter, but you can also have breakfast or lunch. Here, Disney meals are offered in quick service. I asked around, and Starbucks Coffee would be the first eco-responsible coffee shop in Europe. No wonder they served me a hot drink with my snack. It really did me good. It’s good for your health. Another Starbucks Coffee initiative is to open its doors very early, as early as 8am. With excellent value for money, this restaurant is a must in the morning. If, like me, you love cinnamon rolls as the Americans do so well, I recommend accompanying them with a good frappuccino at your Starbucks Coffee breakfast.