Auberge Cendrillon – Disneyland Restaurant

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To experience a real fairytale, I chose the Auberge Cendrillon during my stay at Disneyland. Believe me, I experienced an extraordinary culinary journey at this Fantasyland establishment. This restaurant has the right formula to make every moment magical. The Auberge Cendrillon offers you a magical meal, a princely setting and real characters. One thing’s for sure: Ella’s fairy godmother has been there!

In this enchanting setting, 5 rooms, in other words 5 different atmospheres, await visitors to experience the magic of Cinderella. During my stay at Disneyland, I spy marvelous columns in this restaurant, revealing the sculptures of the Cinderella characters. I also find birds and mice with the famous pumpkin on the bas-relief of the fireplace. These incredible scenes obviously culminate in the metamorphosis, the meeting with Prince Charming, the glass slipper, and so on. The story of Cinderella and Prince Florian is told through paintings, tapestries, furniture and other decorative accessories in the rooms.

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During my stay at Disneyland, I noticed that French cuisine is fully promoted at the Auberge de Cendrillon. The breakfast formula is proof of this. The menu includes sweet and savory verrines such as smoked salmon, fromage blanc and fruit salad. Hot plates include Mickey waffles or pan-fried potatoes and mushrooms. And, of course, hot and cold beverages. For my part, I loved this formula with its crunchy vegetables and veal and poultry sausages. During this visit to Disneyland, I enjoyed this succulent breakfast for 49 euros. The only catch is that, at 39 euros, the kids get pretty much the same menu. But parents, rest assured! A meeting with the princesses will delight your children. Here, they can chat with Snow White and Cinderella for sure. The little ones will go home with fond memories.

meal at the cendrillon inn

When I was at Disneyland, the famous mice Suzy and Perla also offered other menus. At 77 euros, adults can choose between pumpkin velouté with porcini mushrooms, turbot filet with champagne sauce and fresh pasta with wild mushrooms, creamy sauce and vegetable brunoise. I opted for the Duck Trilogy with a slice of toasted Poilâne bread and fig jam. And of course, I end with Cinderella’s famous dessert. The little ones will love the children’s menu, specially suggested by Jacques and Gus. For an appetizer, Ella’s fairy godmother recommends pumpkin velouté or smoked salmon with a little cheese and Mickey’s toast. Next come chicken fillet or cod fillet. For dessert, Cinderella’s surprise is more popular than fruit salad. The bill therefore comes to 45 euros.

Here are the menus Cinderella’s Inn premium. I’ve also noticed that many visitors celebrate their birthdays here. With 35 euros, they can order a dessert for 8 people. If you want to discover Disneyland, book your fairytale moment in advance at the heart of this restaurant! Our staff do everything in their power to ensure that every moment is an unforgettable one. magic.