Café Mickey – Restaurant Disney Village Paris

cafe mickey disneyland paris

When you enter this café, prepare to be entertained. I didn’t prepare myself. My friends and family surprised me by taking Mickey to lunch. It was only later that I learned that it’s also possible to dine at Disneyland with characters other than Mickey, like Minnie, Tic and Tac, and then Goofy and the others. It happens here, at Café Mickey.

To tell you the truth, I was at the height of happiness that day when I went there in the company of my family and friends. It was my birthday. The whole Walt Disney movie world surrounds you. Characters clap, jump and dance. They booked me a whole show until my birthday cake arrived in front of me, but here’s the thing: you don’t always wait for a special occasion to visit Café Mickey in Disney Village. In fact, it’s a popular restaurant. You’d better make your reservation on the Internet if you’re planning to visit. If you like, it’s right on Lake Disney, next to Disney’s Hotel New York. You’ll easily recognize it by its illuminated sign depicting Mickey’s head. Its exterior frescoes also depict the famous Tooth Fairy.

map of cafe mickey

The building is two storeys high. Downstairs, there’s a large room adjoining a covered terrace offering a lovely panoramic view of the lake. It’s said that it’s quite common to see summer people taking time out to watch the sunset on Panoramagique. Once you’re inside, you’ll have the irresistible urge to look for photos of every Disney character in every corner of the room. Mickey is everywhere. It dominates the decor. His hand holds the base of a lamp. His head is on the back of the seats, etc.

Now let’s move on to the map. It is my pleasure to the menu, so satisfied was I with my visit to Café Mickey. First of all, there’s the Disney Check menu, which, I must say, is very good for the body. healthy with portions of fruit and vegetables and low-fat dishes saturated, but I still allowed myself to enjoy the full menu consisting of a starter, main course and dessert. To benefit from it, you must to pay €65. Between the four choices of entries on offer, I chose from the duck terrine with orange. For the main course, there’s much more choice. I have took the opportunity to try the linguini pasta with prawns, accompanied by an crustacean sauce (it’s not every day I get to try a speciality of this kind) Italian). For dessert, guess what? – a verrine of tiramisù with coffee creamer! It’s my favorite.

meal at cafe mickey

I glanced at the children’s menu. This one, too consisting of a starter, main course and dessert, costs €35. The mixture of organic semolina with crunchy vegetables from the Disney Check menu, just like the strawberry cream cheese for dessert.

And that’s it, I had nothing to say about the table service. The meal was more than copious. We welcome you as true comrades. The meal was a little late in coming, but as there were more than a dozen guests, it was understandable. We had so much fun that we welcomed the waiter almost by surprise. As I write, I’m still remembering the delicious flavor of my tiramisù. Would you like to try some? Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed.