Booking Disneyland: 5 tips to get additional options

Disneyland Paris is the most visited theme park in Europe, with several million visitors per year and a capacity of only 30,000 beds in hotels and 100,000 visitors in the parks. It is absolutely necessary to make your reservation before coming. This explanatory guide will allow you to book your holidays at Disneyland and enjoy all the best extras during your check-in. Meals, fast passes, bonuses, promotions… everything is detailed, but before that, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How to get the best rates on holidays?

You will find the best offers on our dedicated page for Disneyland private sales. The offers are updated in real-time so you can have access to all of them.

Is it possible to have an all-inclusive holidays?

It is absolutely possible to enjoy a Disneyland all-inclusive experience. Tickets, hotel, meals, and transportation are all available options. Everything is explained below.

What budget should I plan for?

The use of Disney Premier Access (formerly Fastpass), restaurants, and other extras will certainly impact the overall budget of your Disneyland holidays. However, the total amount of your reservation will mainly depend on the period and hotel you choose.

Which is the cheapest period to go to Disneyland?

There are several periods that allow for significant savings. Most of these periods are outside of school holidays and weekends. However, it is possible to find very interesting offers during peak times with our aforementioned search tool (see “Disney private sales”). A cheapest Disney ticket is also possible.

How do I book holidays at Disneyland Paris?

By following this guide, you will see, step by step, all the options and extras available when booking a stay. It is advisable to make your reservation while reading this guide. To do so, open a new tab on the Disneyland Paris Tickets + Hotels packages page by CLICKING HERE.

Two tabs for Disney reservations
You should see this. Simply click on the page you want. Navigation is thus made easier.

Step 1: Filter your Disneyland holidays search

First, enter your desired dates of stay. If you don’t have fixed dates, enter approximate dates, and we will see later how to book the best-priced holidays. Also, indicate the number of rooms, number of people, and their ages.

Select reservation period.

Note: At this stage, it is not necessary to choose the hotel. This will be done a little later, still before the final registration of the booking, and it also allows access to additional reservation offers.

2nd step: Refine your choice of hotel and dates for your holidays.

Here is an example of the result where the hotel was not selected before clicking on the “Book” button.

Example of a Disney reservation for a holiday with 4 people.
Example for 4 people and a reservation from March 11th to March 12th.

As you can see in this example, we have the list of available hotels and their corresponding prices for the desired dates. It is clear that on this date, the reservation at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge is almost 30% cheaper than at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne. However, the Sequoia Lodge is closer to the park entrance and offers a higher standard (it is more comparable to a 4-star hotel than a 3-star hotel). So, by not indicating your hotel choice in the first step, you can find better deals easily.

If your holidays dates are flexible, you can click on the “flexible dates” button. Here’s an example in the image below for a reservation in early May, 1 night + 2 days for a family of 4 at Disney’s Marvel New York hotel.  

the different rates for reservations at Disney
4 different rates for the same hotel, same length of stay, and same number of guests.

As you can see in the example above, the rate varies significantly (from £924 to approximately £806) for almost the same reservation. Therefore, it is important to choose carefully before confirming the booking.

Step 3: Choose your room in your Disney hotel.

After selecting your hotel and dates, clicking on the “Select” button will take you directly to the room reservation page for the room you desire.

Book the desired Disneyland room.

The image above shows a reservation at Disney’s Newport Bay Club hotel. It is possible to choose a room with a lake view for an additional cost of around £147. After selecting your room, click on “Next”.

4th step: Reserve the options for your holidays at Disneyland Paris.

The reservation center will automatically offer you the possibility of choosing various options. This way, you can directly book your meal plan (no meals, breakfast, half board, or full board). As shown in the example below.

Select meal plan for your holidays
The meal plans to book before your stay

Note: Meals can be enjoyed at various hotels/restaurants depending on your choice. It is essential to book the meal plan at the time of completing the reservation for your holidays at Disneyland Paris.

In addition to your meal plan, you can also book various experiences such as excursions, meals with Disney characters, birthday treats, shows, events, luggage service, optional travel insurance, and many more.

some different booking options
some options available for online reservation during your holidays

5th step: Validate and choose the payment method.

After selecting your options, you will need to log in. Creating your account on the reservation center allows you to track and modify your booking, reprint your tickets and vouchers, receive updates from Disneyland Paris regarding your reservation and check-in, and more.

Tip for the payment of the reservation

Once your account is created on the reservation center, there is one mandatory step remaining: payment. It’s important to know that you are not required to pay the full amount of your holidays to confirm the reservation. In fact, you can reserve your holidays with a deposit of only 15% of the total amount, and the remaining balance must be paid no later than 11 days before your arrival date. This payment can be made in multiple installments (up to 6 installments in total, including the deposit). There are no additional fees, so take advantage of this option!

Moreover, there are currently particularly advantageous reservation conditions. Here are the details of the current conditions:

ease of payment for your booking

You now know all the tips to access the full range of Disneyland Paris offers. With these tips, you will enjoy the best deals and all the possible options to book your Disney vacation.

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