Conditions for visiting the Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland Hotel reopened its doors on January 25, 2024. The reopening of this iconic hotel marks an important step in the transformation of the visitor experience at Disneyland Paris, offering unique service and immersive storytelling. However, to maintain the incredible magic and experience offered to hotel residents, access conditions have been put in place.

To preserve the immersive ambiance of the Disneyland Hotel, entry possibilities into the hotel are limited. Obviously, residents staying at the Disneyland Hotel have full access to the hotel and available services. But that’s not all. Indeed, although visits are prohibited for non-residents, there are other possibilities as follows.

You can access the Disneyland Hotel if you book a meal in one of the hotel’s restaurants. Although it is not possible to book at “La Table des Lumières,” you can still make a reservation at “Royal Banquet” for lunch. Not only will you enjoy a fabulous meal in the company of Disney characters dressed in their royal outfits, but you will also have the opportunity to enter the most beautiful hotel in Disneyland Paris.

Booking a treatment at the Disneyland Hotel Spa by Clarins will also allow you to pass through the hotel’s doors. You must therefore book a treatment in advance on the deepnature website, with the starting price of a treatment being €75. Then, to access the hotel, you will need to present a confirmation email as well as your ID.

Since February 17, Disneyland Paris has implemented a new totally free trick to access the Disneyland Hotel. This method allows non-residents of a Disney hotel to visit the Disneyland Hotel for an hour. For this, you must register on the same day on a waiting list. As slots are very limited, spaces will be quickly snapped up from early in the morning. Your reservation cannot be for more than 4 people. If you manage to get an available slot, you must present yourself at the specified time on the Fantasia Gardens side.

This last method demonstrates Disneyland Paris’s desire to satisfy as many visitors as possible by opening visits to the Disneyland Hotel, but also to maintain the Royal and exclusive ambiance of this 5-star hotel. While welcoming this initiative, one can only regret the use of the Lineberty app, which is no longer compatible with the latest versions of Android.

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