Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop – Disneyland Attraction

the Toy Story attraction at the Walt Disney Studio

During our family visit to Disneyland Paris, young and old alike were overjoyed. When we arrived, the children were eager to try out the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, and make a real parachute jump. Famous characters from the film Toy Story are also eagerly awaiting visitors. This ride is the third in Toy Story Playland. It is located in the Fort Émery toy training camp. With his little green regiments, the Sergeant recruits his company for his battalion of thrill-seeking parachute jumps. Next to a P-51 Mustang is a miniature fighter plane from the Second World War, and a nearby photo booth lets you capture the moment.

where to find the Toy Story attraction

Parachute jumps aside, meeting characters like Buzz Lightyear was truly sensational. Posted at the entrance, he awaits little visitors with a smile. The children were delighted to take photos with him. In addition, K’nex structures, Tinkertoys and Toy Story’s signature toys were placed on either side of the attraction to amaze visitors. On the other hand, Zigzag, the spring-loaded dog, emerges from his box to tirelessly reach for his tail, while Karting heats up his U-shaped wheels. These characters have taken full advantage of their owner Andy’s absence to come to life. Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop offers a truly impressive and funny show. Our visit was memorable. This attraction is not to be missed.

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