Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing – Disneyland Attraction

Thunder Mesa Riverboat on the lake

After a visit full of scares and thrills to the attractions at Disneyland Paris, a relaxing cruise is in order. The Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing allowed me to discover the most beautiful landscapes in the West, right down to the most hidden corners. This old boat offers a new view of Frontierland. Two steamboats, the Molly Brown and the Mark Twain, offer the most peaceful cruising experience of the American Wild West.

On this trip, I was reassured by the quiet wilderness. From the railing of the gigantic ship, I had the opportunity to admire the beautiful waterfalls and discover the sandstone cliffs of Big Thunder Mountain. In the distance, between the woods, I could see the smugglers’ caves. The explosive geysers of the Western Deserts are equally impressive. Form Comstock, a veritable mushroom town, awaits visitors.

port of embarkation for the Thunder Mesa River Boat

As a result, the story came back into my head, in the midst of contemplation, as I sailed along. Thunder Mesa is the pure product of the gold rush that worked its magic from 1849 to 1880. It has become a ghost town inhabited by a few cowboys. Not far away, in the Western River Line, two boats continue to operate. They transport travelers wishing to discover the American West on the Rivers of the Far West.

The journey that this ride has brought me nothing but happiness and peace of mind. It’s an attraction I highly recommend to visitors who want to recharge their batteries and discover a different side of Disneyland.