The Steakhouse – Disneyland Restaurant

The Steakhouse Disney Village

Among the restaurants in Disney Village, The Steakhouse took me back in time and space, if I do say so myself. Let’s head for Chicago and step back into the fifties! In a vast hall capable of accommodating hundreds of people, the decor is American. Imagine a meat-packing warehouse transformed into an elegant restaurant. The Steakhouse is just that. The large wall inscriptions give the place a graphic look all of its own. Here and there, you can see portraits of Americans. The Steakhouse is reminiscent of ’50s jazz restaurants.

If you are looking to locate the restaurant in Disneyland In Paris, it’s next to Starbucks Coffee, opposite The Disney Gallery. Once inside, you’ll find an American bar adjoining the room. Summer guests enjoy their meals on the covered terrace.

location of The Steakhouse Disney Village

Here, you can enjoy a hearty Disney meat meal. Plates are provided, much to the delight of carnivores. The house specialty is grilled meats. You can order your starters, fish dishes, desserts and even burgers one by one, à la carte. However, there are several menus for both adults and children.

  • Steakhouse menu with choice of appetizer, a choice of main courses and desserts, available for €54.99
  • Gold Coast menu consisting of starter, main course and a choice of desserts for €42.99.
  • Chicago menu, same composition as Gold menu Coast, but at a price of €37.99
  • Jazz menu with no desserts, just a starter and a dish, € 31.99
  • Premium children’s menu consisting of an appetizer main course, dessert and beverage at €32.99
  • Simple children’s menu at €18.99.

The menus are all interesting. I turned a blind eye to my wallet and ordered a particular dish from the list entitled “The Chicago Steakhouse Premium Steaks”, and I must admit I wasn’t disappointed. I find The Steakhouse to be among the most expensive restaurants in Disney Village, but that doesn’t stop meat lovers like me from enjoying the house specialties. Excellent value for money.

meal at The Steakhouse Disney Village

Service is at the table. You can also reserve your places. In fact, I’d advise you to do so, especially if you’re planning to weekends and vacations. The first time I spent in this Disneyland restaurant, it was the end-of-year vacations. of the year, incredibly, I couldn’t find a place. I then just made my reservation. I then tracked the days when there were fewer people and I came back with friends to the point of becoming a regular. places.

If you’re looking for the best preparation of sirloin steak at Disneyland in Paris, head to The Steakhouse, where you’ll get over half a kilo, red and juicy, cooked to perfection, for two people for €59.99. Of everything I’ve tasted, this is what I liked best.