Robinson’s Cabin – Disneyland Attraction

tree house Disneyland Paris

After the hectic activities at the various Disneyland Paris attractions, a visit to the Robinson’s Cabin gave me a chance to catch my breath. Located in Adventureland, this splendid smugglers’ cabin is perched in the trees. This Eurodisney attraction was certainly inspired by the film “Robinson of the South Seas”: following a shipwreck, the hut was built from the remaining wreckage by the Robinson family, originally from Switzerland.

location of the Robinson hut in the park

So, to reach the Robinson hut, you have to climb the trees. And it’s not difficult at all, with easy access for young and old alike. I did it with ease. At the very top, I could admire the magnificent landscape of the land. You can climb even higher to the Cabane des Robinson observation point. If you’re planning to go, don’t forget to bring a telescope for an even more splendid view.

Inside, walkways and staircases lead to meticulously appointed rooms. The cabin has several rooms. It’s even equipped with a kitchen and library. A larder is well hidden in the bowels of the tree (we’re already down below, heading for the Earth’s Belly). I noticed that all the rooms contained parts and accessories that had undoubtedly been salvaged from the wreck. A grand staircase leads visitors down to the basement. And here you can see three flags wishing passers-by a safe journey. Down below, you can see a cannon ready for use that the Robinsons have installed for their defense. I recommend La Cabane des Robinson to adventure enthusiasts.

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