The Ice Cream Company – Disneyland Restaurant

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Because of its small footprint, The Ice Cream Company is a little hard to find. Nonetheless, this is an authentic establishment that harkens back to the American ice cream parlors of the 30s and 40s. There’s no seating, so generally your orders will always be to-go. Be that as it may, this ice cream parlour has a very pleasant setting.

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The Ice Cream Company is a truly original ice cream parlour. For just 4.29 euros, you can customize your own ice cream with the Sundae Experience. Here’s how it works. First, we invite you to choose your fragrance between vanilla and chocolate. Next, you’ll need to choose your sauce. It can be a caramel sauce, a red fruit sauce or a chocolate sauce. Finally, to complete your personalization, you need to choose your topping. These could be caramelized hazelnut chips, Dalm or Oreo flakes. The Ice Cream Company also offers an Instant Delight, which consists of a hot or cold drink accompanied by a Liege waffle with sugar chips or chocolate sauce. Of course, hot drinks and waffles can be purchased separately.

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The service is very satisfactory, although your order may arrive a little late. It would appear that the personalization process is not yet fully developed. But the result will meet your expectations. So it’s only natural that I should recommend this ice cream parlour.