The Pirate Galleon – Disneyland attraction

the pirate ship at Adventureland Paris

In Paris, our family visit to Disneyland was full of exciting adventures. Truth be told, we didn’t want to subject the kids to thrills, although we did choose Adventureland for the fun. However, when they saw this beautiful pirate ship, they immediately wanted to climb aboard and experience the adventures of their favorite movie. It was decided, we chose this beautiful attraction, not without informing ourselves of what would await us. Our little ones were thrilled to be able to leave the harbor and go to starboard to admire the cannons.

where to find Disneyland's pirate ship

Located at the far end of the land, Le Galion des Pirates is accessible to all adventurers. Inspired by the legends of the buccaneers, this attraction contains treasures and shipwrecks dating back centuries. Behind us, the pirate beach dazzled us. Play areas are provided to entertain the little ones. Slides, ladders, climbing devices and other areas await the young adventurers. The only drawback is that to reach the beach, you have to enter the caves to reach Skull Rock, a rock reminiscent of a skull and crossbones. So here we were confronted with what we’d been avoiding, but frankly, this Adventureland attraction is still full of pleasant surprises. The Pirate Galleon was a big hit with kids. It allows you to experience dreamlike moments, sword in hand and cape on your back. What’s more, access is convenient. There are no long queues to board the boat. I recommend this adventure.