The Coffee Grinder – Disneyland Restaurant

The Coffee Grinder Disneyland

As you walk along Main Street USA in Disneyland Park, you’ll notice a number of recesses containing small treasures. The Coffee Grinder is one of them. This small Disney restaurant, in the form of a fairytale-looking counter, is accessible from the street. It’s on the right as you turn towards Sleeping Beauty Castle. I went through Discovery Arcade to get there, as I was feeling peckish and wanted a sweet snack and a nice hot drink. It was winter. In summer, you can still have a refreshing drink. A wide selection is available, from bottles of Coca-Cola to fruit juices, Vittel and Perrier.

Coffee Grinder location

I thought the Instant Délice menu was good. By paying 5.59, it was possible for me to have my favorite muffin, the choice, in addition to my hot drink. Among the muffin variants, the Nutella-filled muffin sounds good to me. You can have one for 3,99 €. Pastries (which they call “desserts”) are well presented. You have :

  • ● The chocolate brownie € 3.99
  • ● The cinnamon roll € 3.59
  • ● The chocolate cookie at €2.79.

Hot beverages include cappuccino, mezzo mezzo and double espresso. For my part, I found the Expresso delicious, which I ordered for €2.79. If, like me, you love these little treats, I recommend The Coffee Grinder, where you’ll be warmly welcomed.

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