Lancelot’s Carousel – Disneyland Attraction

Magnificent horse on the Carroussel de lancelot

Amusement park carousels are always a delight for children. On our last visit to Disneyland, in Paris – and as a family – we were lucky enough to discover Lancelot’s Carrousel in Fantasyland. It lies behind Sleeping Beauty’s castle. This large carousel is a thing of beauty. The horses are decked out in their finest finery, with gleaming armour and ornate saddles. Lancelot’s Carrousel is a rainbow of colors and beauty. At the sight of this luminous attraction, children had only one desire: to saddle up and take the reins on Sir Lancelot’s Carrousel in person. Mounted on a noble hand-carved steed, the little knights were ready for a fantastic ride they won’t soon forget. Even I got a taste for it. I was delighted to climb aboard this beautiful Carrousel. It made me feel like I’d fallen back into my childhood, as it brought back fond memories of that time.

ride location in Fantasyland

The Carrousel de Lancelot takes visitors right back to the Middle Ages. She invites knights and princesses from all over the kingdom to mount their faithful steeds for a peaceful ride at an enchanting pace. What I like about this attraction is that you don’t have to stand in a long queue to ride these beautiful horses. The carousel can carry up to 86 children at a time for a ride lasting around two minutes. Bring the whole colony, and the Carrousel de Lancelot will provide you with a fairytale atmosphere.