Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain – Disneyland attraction

HyperSpace Mountain

Going to an amusement park and taking part in the games on offer is a great way to have fun. It also means being able to enjoy incredible experiences. Recently, I had the chance to try my hand at intergalactic travel on Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, with its larger-than-life setting and ride spanning the whole of Discoveryland. My story below is sure to give you a taste of the thrills and spills to be had on this thrill ride. You won’t experience what you’re about to experience anywhere else.

A breathtaking ambience

You’re dealing with an enclosed rollercoaster where everything happens in the dark. You are in a seated position during the course. I was comfortably seated in my metallic blue seat. I’m safe in the knowledge that my seat is well supported by safety harnesses, so that I can keep my balance in the face of the speed of the ride, which has plenty of lively twists and turns. A multitude of spaceships orbited around me. I was a little surprised to see the camera on the front. This gave me the chance to see the participants in all their states during the tour, with their grimaces and shrill cries. In short, it’s too breathtaking!

Star Wars HyperSpaceMountain entrance

Note: This attraction is one of the most popular at Disneyland Paris. And as it’s almost in the middle of the park, it’s often very busy. This is where using a Disneyland Fastpass ticket really comes into its own. Avoid the queues by snapping up your Fastpass ticket for this ride in good time.

You have a mission!

When you take part in Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, you have a crucial mission to accomplish. In effect, you’re putting yourself in the captain’s seat, at the helm of a vessel supported by your crew. Here’s the background:

Admiral Ackbar is asking for your help to carry out an espionage mission. You have to fight. Fortunately, your team is with you all the way. Unexpectedly, an ambush occurs and the enemy greets you with a deluge of fire. The theme music is sure to get you even more into the swing of things, with the famous Star Wars song. For my part, I had to catch my breath on every descent. For a moment, I really thought I was in the middle of an interstellar battle. This feeling was heightened by the sound effects, which transported me right into the heart of Star Wars. The circuit consisted of blows, loops, spins, projections, light effects and laser beams all around me. After a few minutes, I’m down again. By the time I’ve regained my composure, I’m back on board for another tour. It’s becoming an addiction, you might say! Quite possibly. What’s more, it’s a challenge to win. You’d think that if you had to resist this attraction, you’d have to run like hell and not look back.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that a visit to Disneyland Paris is not complete without this experience. Give it a try! It’s a safe bet that you won’t be coming to your senses any time soon after the adventure. The most adventurous are in for a real treat. Thrill-seekers will not be disappointed.