Star Tours l’Aventure Continue – Disneyland Attraction

Attraction Star Tour interior view

There’s no shortage of attractions at Disneyland Paris. Among them, the Star Tours plunged me into the universe of my dreams, that of Star Wars. Located in the realm of Discoveryland, this unique attraction is one of the park’s most popular. What impressed me most about this attraction was the use of highly futuristic technologies. Star Tours offers over 60 mission combinations sure to delight the galaxy’s most passionate Jedi.

Star Tours, l’Aventure Continue – We take you on an incredible 3D journey to distant galaxies and war-torn worlds. This is possible thanks to the Starspeeder 1000, the machine that will take rebels of all ages on an unforgettable flight through the Star Wars universe. TheStar Wars attraction is based on flight simulator technology. L’Aventure Continue has entered the third dimension. To plunge completely into this universe, 3D glasses are distributed to participants.

Discover the real intergalactic airport!

entrance to the Star Tours attaction a star wars adventure

From the queue, and even with Fastpass access, the setting already gives the impression of entering a real astroport bursting with activity. Here you’ll find signs announcing upcoming flights. The discovery of the animated extraterrestrials running the place in the company of the busy droids will leave you speechless.

In Discoveryland’s Star Tours attraction, as in all Disneyland attractions, every detail has been carefully thought out to ensure you have the time of your life. To immerse participants right from the start, access to the spaceship is very special. First of all, when I arrived at the site, I could see an X-wing on the roof of the attraction, ready to take off. A small ladder provides access. The attraction has been converted into a veritable intergalactic airport. As soon as I stepped inside, I felt like I was plunging into a veritable voyage into space. Audible announcements are similar to airport codes. Safety instructions, reminders to late passengers and technical reminders – nothing was left to chance.

A wide range of exceptional scenarios

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues allowed me to plunge right into the heart of the Star Wars saga, to relive all the film’s cult moments as if I were really there. The scenarios are multiple and change each time. They keep you coming back for even more thrills and spills. For my part, I was lucky enough to take part in pod races on Taooine, relive the battle of the ice planet Hoth and even dive deep into the abyss of the planet Naboo. On the other hand, discovering the impenetrable jungle of the planet Kashyyk really gave me the chills.

Many surprises await you at Star Tours. During the flight, iconic Star Wars characters may appear in the middle of the journey. They’re part of the journey. For adventure enthusiasts, I highly recommend you try this attraction. You’ll see, it’s enough to make you a regular.