Silver Spur Steakhouse – Disneyland Restaurant

silver spur steakhouse disneyland paris

At Disneyland, there are so many restaurants and fast-food out lets that it can be very difficult to choose. I’d also like to introduce you to one of the park’s best sit-down restaurants, the Silver Spur Steakhouse. It’s an establishment inspired by the Far West in terms of its exterior and interior architecture, but above all in terms of its menu. Here, the Far West theme is respected to the letter, and perfectly matches the overall atmosphere of Frontierland. The restaurant’s spacious main dining room resembles a saloon. But the western atmosphere is still very friendly. What’s more, part of the kitchen opens onto the main dining room, so visitors can watch their dishes being cooked and prepared. Admittedly, this kitchen is rather noisy, but that’s part of the folklore.

map of silver spur steakhouse disneyland

During my visit to Sliver Spur Steakhouse, I chose the Cowboy Menu, priced at 42.99 euros. In fact, it’s a premium menu comprising a starter, main course and dessert. This menu is fully customizable. For starters, you can choose between Cobb Salad, Beef Carpaccio with hazelnut slivers or wood-fired toast. For the main course, choose between grilled Charolais beef tenderloin, marinated yellowtail and Cajun-spiced roasted prawns. Finally, for dessert, you can choose from the desserts on the menu, including vanilla sundae, Kentucky crème brûlée, blueberry cobbler and fruit salad.

He you can also opt for the Sheriff’s Menu. Here you have two options. You can either choose the 31.99 euro starter and main course offer, or with starter, main course and dessert at 37.99 euros. Whatever the formula you choose, for starters you can choose between a salad of chicken Caesar salad or a seasonal soup. For dishes, the choice will be between Angus beef flank steak, Scottish salmon crumble or a vegetarian burger. Finally, for dessert, you can choose between a vanilla-flavoured sundae, a fruit salad or a cake with a tart base. Oreo with custard and caramel sauce. It should be noted that starters, main courses and desserts are available à la carte, and that this restaurant at Disneyland Paris offers a children’s menu at 18.99 euros and a menu premium child at 32.99 euros.

meal at disneyland silver spur steakhouse

As for the service, nothing special to report. The staff are friendly and helpful, and it doesn’t take long for orders to arrive. So, if you’re looking for a place to have lunch in a friendly Far West atmosphere at a very reasonable price, the Silver Spur Steakhouse is the restaurant for you! What’s more, if you like typical American cuisine, you’ll get your money’s worth at the Silver Spur Steakhouse.