Hakuna matata restaurant – Disneyland

hakuna matata restaurant disneyland paris

Strolling through Adventureland, my eyes were immediately drawn to the Hakuna Matata restaurant. This is an establishment with a strong African influence, both in terms of décor and menu. The restaurant’s exterior architecture is a complete change of scenery. Indeed, the front of this Disneyland restaurant, including the motifs, colors and especially the shape of the roof, is very reminiscent of African huts. A change of scenery guaranteed!

map of hakuna matata disney restaurant

The Hakuna Matata menu features 5 courses, with prices ranging from 8.99 euros for the children’s menu to 15.99 euros for the “Lion’s Feast”, which can be accompanied by an assortment of vegetables or corn fries. And for dessert, you’ll be treated to a soft mango heart with shredded coconut or a bowl of fresh fruit. As well as menus, the Hakuna Matata restaurant also offers à la carte dishes, including a chicken Hakuna salad priced at 7.49 euros or the same Hakuna salad, but in a vegetarian version priced at 6.99 euros. I chose this vegetarian salad and I have to admit that the dish is very succulent.

meal at disneyland's hakuna matata restaurant

The service left me with a mixed impression. Indeed, my order was taking a long time to arrive. But once the dish was in front of me, my frustration vanished like magic. Also, I think my dish was late, as the restaurant was crowded by the time I got there. Apart from this minor problem, the Hakuna Matata restaurant is well worth a visit.