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restaurant en coulisse disneyland

When it comes to fast food, Disneyland has no shortage of it. But the behind-the-scenes restaurant is well worth the detour. Located right at the entrance to Studio 1 at Walt Disney Studios, it’s impossible to miss. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood cinema. The room looks like the back of a movie set. When you enter this fast-food restaurant, you’re really backstage.

backstage restaurant map walt disney studio

Looking at the menu, you’ll immediately realize that the behind-the-scenes Restaurant is a veritable fast-food restaurant. The five menus on offer are all burgers. Visit menu 1 is a Fish Burger at 13.99 euros with a fresh salad or French fries, but also a cold drink. Menu 2 is a Chicken Burger with the same accompaniments as Menu 1, but with has an extra dessert. This menu is available at 14.99 euros. Menu 3 is priced at 15.99 euros and includes a Premium Cheeseburger, French fries or a fresh salad, dessert and a cold drink. Visit Menu 4 is the most expensive menu, and undoubtedly the most succulent. Priced at 16.99 euros, this menu features a Bacon Cheeseburger and a fabulous cheesecake for dessert. Finally, the Restaurant en coulisse offers a children’s menu at 8.99 euros.

backstage restaurant disney studio

One of the things I appreciated about Restaurant en coulisse was the speed of service. Orders are taken quickly, and your order arrives in front of you very quickly. The Restaurant en coulisse offers arguably the best burgers in the park. A restaurant at Disneyland Paris to recommend!

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