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restaurant agrabah cafe disneyland paris

For a long time, I shunned the Agrabah Café restaurant because of my aversion to oriental cuisine based on excessive spices and salt. But after hearing and reading many positive reviews of this Disney eatery, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and have lunch there. And I was pleasantly surprised. Both in terms of taste and the general atmosphere of the place. Nowadays, whenever I spend a holiday at Disneyland, it’s become an obligatory stop. I think it will be for you too.

restaurant map agrabah café disney

First, where is the Agrabah Café restaurant located? Well, you’ll find the establishment right at the entrance to Adventureland, next to Aladdin’s Enchanted Passage. It’s interesting to note that this establishment wasn’t always a restaurant. Indeed, prior to 1999, this area was home to Adventureland’s Bazaar, featuring three main stores, including Aladdin’s Stall, The Snake Queen and Cherazade’s Treasures. The latter still exists. However, the first two stores have closed and been replaced by the Agrabah Café Restaurant. Whatever the case, the Restaurant Agrabah Café retains the historic ambience of an ancient Arabian bazaar. What’s more, the entire décor is inspired by the 1992 Disney classic Aladdin. This colorful, immersive setting lets you enjoy lunch in an authentic Oriental atmosphere.

The Agrabah Café restaurant is divided into two rooms, each with its own distinct atmosphere. The first is brightly lit, with a large veranda that gives the impression of eating outdoors. The second is the Shéhérazade room, which is more conventional and darker. In the same room, you may enjoy lunch under one of the oriental tents. In general, the place is calm and full of fantasy. Without moving from your seat, you’ll travel through the world of Aladdin thanks to the various engravings decorating the roof and walls.

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Fine Obviously, what makes a restaurant is the dishes it serves. So.., it’s worth pointing out that Agrabah Café is a restaurant that offers offers a single price for a single buffet. The price is 34.99 euros per adult and 17.99 euros per child. The buffet restaurant Agrabah Café is based on Mediterranean and Oriental dishes, including couscous, tajine, kebab, shawarma or lamb chicken. He is also possible to enjoy a traditional mint tea, kir beer and even wine by the jug or bottle, as well as other beverages. fresh and hot of all kinds.

For all these reasons, it’s pretty easy for me to recommend the Agrabah Café restaurant. I particularly liked the variety of starters on the buffet. Another special feature of the Agrabah Café’s oriental buffet is that it is perfectly suited to vegetarians. Add to this the colorful, friendly ambience and characteristic calm of the place, and Agrabah Café is a must-visit restaurant for a successful stay at Disneyland.