Rc Racer – Disneyland Attraction

rc racer

Installed in Andy’s garden, Karting is set up on a U-shaped ramp. The Rc Racer is a sensational ride that lets you transform yourself into one of its toys and have fun in their place. Follow in Buzz and Woody’s footsteps and experience the thrills and spills of a lifetime, all the more so as the racing circuit extends around a gigantic construction. It’s an efficient way to reach the ramp and enjoy the speed of karting. The entrance to the track is marked by the presence of a giant tire. It turns out to be quite winding, but the existence of arrows helps toys avoid getting lost at every turn.

rc racer attraction location

Moving forward, I could see a white building on the left-hand side. This features a special lever which switches to “off” when Karting is at a standstill. However, it gradually switches to “fast” as soon as it is switched on. Next, the attraction leads to a small car garage. A petrol station is planned. Andy often uses it to fill his cars and to repair them. Further on is a rather different part, as it is covered. It houses spare parts waiting to be assembled into other small cars. Finally, the arrival at the Karting level ends with a cheer from Buzz and Woody. Whether you’re a karting enthusiast or a novice, you’re more than welcome to try out this attraction under the expert guidance of our staff.

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