Rainforest Café – Disneyland Restaurant

Rainforest café in Disney Village

If there are restaurants with character at Disney Village, Rainforest Café is one of them. A word to the wise: you really need to love the jungle and not be afraid of the animals that live there to be able to swallow the food, because here, the change of scenery is total. If children aren’t afraid, they’ll be so impressed or pleasantly surprised that they’ll forget their meal. Life-size animals are part of the decor. A huge elephant is watching you. A giraffe stares at you while you eat your meal, and all this “in the middle of the forest”! Fortunately, the meal at Rainforest Café is irresistibly good. I experienced this first-hand when I took a volcano.

rainforest café disney location

It’s almost always crowded and noisy. We often bring our families. Sometimes the children, amazed by the scenery, can’t stand still, but that’s normal. Aren’t we in the middle of a virgin forest? And if it’s not lively, it’s thrilling!

meal at the Rainforest café

Let’s get back to my volcano, or rather the volcano of Rainforest Café. Surprising fact: when you’re served dessert, there’s a eruption on your plate, or at least a fireworks display! Sparkling volcano, actually a volcano coming out of a brownie with caramel sauce topped with Chantilly cream. It’s cold, because there’s vanilla ice cream. Would you like to try it out? See you at Rainforest Café! You get it for 17.99 euros.

dessert volcano rainforest cafe

If the service ever seems slow or if there are a few inconveniences, remember that it’s all part of the show. I played the game well, but let’s be realistic: in this Disneyland restaurant, we’re in the middle of the jungle, I repeat.