Planet Hollywood – Disneyland Restaurant

Planet Hollywood at Disney Village

Coming from the parks, you’ll come across Planet Hollywood as soon as you enter Disney Village. The architecture of this Disneyland restaurant is impressive. The building looks like an enormous mushroom… uprooted. You then enter through the base, and climb a staircase to get inside. The atmosphere is great. Here, you can learn a lot about the world of cinema, and Disneyland in particular, if only from the decor printed with photos of the actors and actresses posing for you under the halo of the spotlights.

Planet Hollywood decors

As for the meal, I personally enjoyed the menu that I ordered. I paid €27.80. There are times when the company offers a half-price reduction. An adult menu can include at least one choice of burger, sundae and soda from 30 cl for €13. A Planet children’s menu can cost €7 and not 14.95, and if there’s no discount, it’s still worth it, because a children’s menu at €14.95 usually includes a main course, a dessert drink plus a “souvenir” glass plus a surprise. Portions are more than enough for a child aged 3 to 10. The big ones, if they don’t don’t want to be constrained by a Californian menu, they can freely compose their own. their à la carte meals:

  • Starters from €6.95 (French onion soup au gratin) to €13.95 (Blackened shrimp)
  • Salads priced from €14.95 (simple Caesar salad) to €18.95 (Caesar salad with shrimp)
  • Choice of sauces and dressings
  • Dishes and grills from €20.50 (vegetarian Sizzling fajitas) to €26.50 (Sizzling fajitas with shrimp)
  • Side dishes, most of which cost €4.25, except the Garlic pizza which costs €9.25
  • Burgers are also available at prices ranging from €16.50 (Veggie burger) to €24.95 (Celebrity burger).
  • You can get a sandwich for €15.95, and the most expensive is €17.95 (Philly Cheese Steak).
  • Pasta is also available at prices ranging from €15.50 (spaghetti pomodoro) to €18.95 (beef kung pao noodles).
  • Pizzas range from margherita (€15.95) to american hot (€17.95).
  • The steak and French fries costs €22.50 if it’s not too full, otherwise it costs €27.50.
  • The same applies to the prime sirloin steak, ranging from €24.50 to €29.50.
meal at Planet Hollywood

In short, if you’re planning a meal at Disney Village, Planet Hollywood is one of the cheapest restaurants around.

Planet Hollywood location

Service at Planet Hollywood is table service. Planet Hollywood isn’t just a restaurant. It’s also a bar, but more importantly, it’s a store for cinematic souvenirs of your visit. In short, there’s no room for boredom here. If you’re in the mood to feast your eyes on a dynamic setting while enjoying, as I did, a Californian meal, Planet Hollywood is the place for you. I recommend it.