Peter Pan’s Flight – Disneyland Attraction

Peter Pan's flight

Our visit to Disneyland Paris was full of exciting adventures. We discovered Peter Pan’s Flight at the northernmost tip of Fantasyland. What a joy it is for the children to be able to discover the landmark of their favourite character! We boarded the Pirate Galleon and set off for the flight of a lifetime. With Peter Pan, the Darling children await young visitors on this adventure. They invite them on a cruise over the city of London, where Tower Bridge and Big Ben light up the night sky.

attraction entrance

The journey at Peter Pan’s Flight begins with a charming interactive queue that invites you into the Darling home. We were lucky enough to wander into the children’s rooms where Michael, Wendy and John sleep, and where Tinkerbell is already playing tricks. It was only after this visit that we set off for a ride in the imaginary world of Peter Pan. In this attraction, the Pirate’s Galleon is based on a wagon connected to a track suspended from the ceiling. As the boat moves forward, Peter Pan’s shadow appears on a wall. The ship then flies over London during the night. The enhanced perspective of the attraction’s designers gives the impression that the boat is really gaining altitude, and that everything is getting smaller. The galleon arrives on the imaginary island, and in the next scene we have the impression of descending onto the island. Peter Pan’s Flight is an exciting adventure. Try it and see!