Orbitron – Disneyland attraction

orbitron merry-go-round

During my visit to Disneyland Paris, I enjoyed many of the attractions, but the trip in the Orbitron spaceship made a particular impression on me. There are rockets inspired by comic strips from the 1930s.

To board these futuristic shuttles, you don’t need a pilot’s license. It’s not difficult at all. I was able to control my ship’s altitude myself. A small lever on the front of the vehicle controls the rocket’s ascent and descent. Each shuttle spins like lightning around a galaxy of planets, far above the animated Discoveryland. The rockets can climb to an altitude of 6 meters for an adventure lasting around 2 minutes.

Orbitron attraction location

Before boarding these flying machines, you have to get behind a long queue. However, it didn’t really bother me. I find it the ideal way to observe all the details of this magnificent attraction. On the ground, you can see the planets, their satellites and their rings twirling around. They orbit around their fixed axis of rotation, which represents the sun. The Orbitron is made up of more than a dozen planets of varying sizes and periods of revolution. I think it’s a shame not to be able to identify which planet each rocket represents. Only connoisseurs will be able to do this by spotting the astronomical symbols on the tail fins of each aircraft, but connoisseurs or not, I recommend this attraction.

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