Market House Deli – Disneyland Restaurant

Market House Deli Disneyland Paris

Walking through the center of Main Street USA at Disneyland Park, I came across an atypical restaurant called Market House Deli. In reality, it’s more of a fast-food restaurant than a true gourmet eatery. The Market House Deli’s setting is that of an old-fashioned New York delicatessen. As a result, the interior is a feast for the eyes. Every nook and cranny is decorated to transport us back in time. And it’s in the details, like the shelves full of products, the rolls of charcuterie and a whole host of eye-catching signs that add authenticity to the establishment.

map of Market House Deli Disney

The Market House Deli specializes in sandwiches. The fast food menu features three sandwich flavors, including a smoked salmon sandwich for 6.99 euros and a vegetable sandwich for 6.49 euros. For my part, I chose the classic ham and cheese sandwich, also available at 6.49 euros. I’ve added a fresh salad at 3.29 euros, but you can also choose the ham and cheese or turkey and cheese croque-monsieur at 7.49 euros, the chicken salad which also costs 7.49 euros, or the quiche lorraine at 7.99 euros.

meal at the Market House Deli in Paris

Although the Market House Deli’s setting is pleasant, it’s a little cramped. In fact, during periods of high or medium influence, it’s almost impossible to find a seat, and you have to wait a long time before you can order. On the other hand, the quality of the dishes is well worth waiting a few minutes for. So don’t hesitate to stop by the Market House Deli.

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