Manhattan Restaurant – Italian restaurant at Disney

Taste fine Italian cuisine at Disneyland Paris. The Disney Hotel New York -The Art of Marvel features a chic restaurant known as Manhattan Restaurant. Enjoy Mediterranean specialties in elegant surroundings, with refined service.

Luxurious decor

It should come as no surprise to see an Italian restaurant in the New York establishment. Indeed, Italian cuisine is very present on the streets of Manhattan. And to make things even better, Disney’s Hotel NY puts you in a luxury restaurant. You’ll immediately notice the huge chandelier, inspired by Asgard. The crystal decoration is just spectacular. Gold dominates the room, whether in the colors of the furniture, linens or lighting. The reflection of the chandelier offers an even more impressive spectacle.

Designer furniture

The high-quality furnishings at the Manhattan Restaurant reflect Tony Stark’s luxurious lifestyle. You have artistic geometric lines in the image of modern art. What’s more, they’re very comfortable to wear. Rotating chairs give you greater mobility. You’ll be able to enjoy the dishes with exceptional cutlery, just like in a gourmet restaurant worthy of the name.

Le Manhattan chic restaurant

What’s on the Manhattan Restaurant menu

The cuisine is typically Italian. On arrival, you’re offered a small appetizer to disguise the wait; then, the menu, which reflects the image of the restaurant. The cover features the famous Asgard chandelier.

Discover all your favorite Italian specialties. For starters, choose from Italian salads, Burrata or Parma ham. Start your meal with a taste of fine Italian cuisine. Pasta in all its forms: spaghetti, gnocchi or lasagne. Then there are risottos and all the other iconic meals. For dessert, succumb to pastries and cheeses.

This restaurant at The Art Of Marvel offers full menus with starter, main course, dessert and wine included. You have 3 options: The Greenich Village Menu, The Nolita Menu and The Little Italy Menu for kids. People on special diets have nothing to worry about. Manhattan restaurant offers delicious vegetarian meals, kosher and Halal dishes.

Exceptional service

The restaurant welcomes you with a friendly, detail-oriented staff. They take great care to ensure your complete satisfaction. You can specify on arrival if you have any preferences for your dishes, such as salt or sugar. Finally, at Manhattan Restaurant you can get a discount with a Disney Annual Pass.

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