Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups – Disneyland Attraction

giant cups at Disney Paris

I’ve always heard about this Fantasyland attraction. Then came the moment when I tested it. In fact, it was my first visit to Disneyland Paris. To tell the truth, Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups gave me some truly whirlwind moments.

The Mad Hatter awaits visitors for a ride in gigantic teacups. The colorful cups swirl and twirl around a giant teapot as you listen to a beautiful melody or festive music. In this fabulous Disneyland attraction, each cup has a steering wheel at its center. This enabled me to control my rotation speed. After my turn, I got out of my cup, of course. Discussions were going well. The more daring and the thrill-seekers would have handled their steering wheel in such a way as to make their cup spin at full speed, which was not the case for me, by the way. I preferred to let myself be carried away by the rhythm of the cup, which turned automatically on the platform.

Mad Hatters Tea Cup ride entrance

The decor at Mad Hatter’s Tea cups is truly impressive. The roof of the carousel is covered with multicolored LEDs, so that the place shines with a thousand lights after dark. Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups was inspired by a scene from Alice in Wonderland. A scene in which the Mad Hatter and his pal the March Hare celebrate over a number of cups and teapots.

It’s always nice to slip into these giant cups at any time of day, but I particularly loved my evening tour. The atmosphere is pleasant, with hanging lanterns and a multitude of light bulbs. Wouldn’t you like to give it a try?