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Last chance Cafe Disneyland Paris

Disneyland is full of unsuspected treasures, and the Last Chance Cafe restaurant is one of them. Located in Frontierland, this Disneyland café is easy to find. Just head towards Phantom Manor and just before you reach the attraction, you can’t miss the wooden “Last Chance Café” plaque. The building’s exterior architecture is reminiscent of a Wild West outpost. Inside, the atmosphere is more authentic, with a typical décor featuring wanted posters, revolver cases and horse saddles scattered here and there. The Last Chance Café’s rustic setting is very pleasant, and makes you feel like you’re in the Wild West.

Map of Last Chance Cafe Disney

At first glance, Last Chance Cafe’s menu may seem very limited. But if, like me, you’re someone who looks for authenticity, this card won’t be a problem for you. Indeed, I think that back then, there must also have been limited choices when it came to the menu. In any case, there are exactly nine dishes on the Last Chance Cafe menu, including 6 full courses. These complete dishes include a Texan chicken wrap for 10.99 euros, chicken wings for 9.99 euros and a vegetable and cereal salad for 6.99 euros. During my visit to Last Chance Cafe, I chose the Potato skin with chili con carne and fries as a side dish. This delicious dish is available for 10.99 euros.

meal at Last chance Cafe Paris Disney

In addition to lunch served on site, Last Chance Cafe also offers takeaway meals. All dishes on the menu are available for takeaway, including creamed corn, chicken nuggets, fries and fresh salad. Overall, I enjoyed the quality of the service and find it hard not to recommend this restaurant at Disneyland Paris.

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